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Term 6

Does religion build communities?

Our Trip to Rutland Water

Church School Festival 2021

Our Sports Day: Archery and Curling

Design Technology - Nutrition


In our DT unit this term, we are mastering our understanding of nutrition to create a burger to suit dietary requirements. In our first lesson, we have evaluated the nutritional value of burgers from familiar burger restaurants. Following this, in week 2, we have created different patties using chickpeas, turkey mince and beef mince. 





The Poetry Slam - Shakespeare's Sonnets


During this week, we have focussed on sonnet 130 and the humour and fun it pokes at the other sonnets and the purpose that sonnets served during society at that time. We have built upon previous years and the skills we have already from performing poems to think about how to dynamically perform this ultimate slam poem!


Congratulations to the group that attended the final too! You made us proud as you represented us in the grand final!

Our Finalists...

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