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Term 6

This terms overarching question:
'Is change necessary if humanity is to continue?'

Bikeability Celebration


The children have worked incredibly hard in their sessions and successfully achieved level 1 and 2. They were all able to articulate their knowledge of the road now and were feeling confident about using their bike on it too. We ere all very proud!

Poetry Slam

In English, the children explored the poem of 'The Debate of Tea and Coffee'. They picked out their favourite verses and then added actions, expression and used clarity with their spoken parts. The children then performed in front of the class and voted on their favourite.

This group then competed in front of the judges and the rest of the school.






Art - Developing vocabulary

As part of their sculpture project, the children looked at the words of kinetic, mobile, clay and mosaic and researched their meaning. Once they had done this, they were able to sort the images accordingly. When they were confident of the vocabulary, they then looked at the questions. Lots of discussion about where you might find these sculptures why you have them in certain locations.







Book Raffle time

Well done! I am sure you will adore your prize!

Art - Designing a sculpture

Linking to a prospective trip, the children researched some local birds and explained what they liked most and then added those parts into their own design. They linked to the work of Georges Baroque.



PSHE - Aspirations for the future

In PSHE, the children have looked at a number of careers that people do. They have thought about their own skills and what they might consider when they are older.


Computing - Web crawlers




The children have begun investigating how a search engine works. They researched what a search engine is and why people use it. The children acted as web crawlers and shared the information found. They understood that it is important what you type in, including not using punctuation and that some companies may have paid for their pages to be placed at the top.

DT - research

In Design Technology, the children have researched into old and modern day innovators. They looked into the inventions created and and discussed the impact that they have had on the modern world. The innovators link to the the unit 'Circuits'.




Cricket - underarm throwing




In PE, the children have been developing their underarm throwing. They learnt to use their spare hand and arm to guide where the ball would go to. They understood to transfer from one foot to the other and when they had mastered this, they progressed onto aim it at the target of the wicket. The children they progressed onto a small sided game applying their new skills.




Recapping using a protractor





The children recapped how to use a protractor by drawing angles. They discussed which were acute and obtuse. Reminders were made about placing the 0 degrees in the right place and whether you read the inside or outside degrees.

Guided Reading

In Guided Reading, the children have been showing how confident they are when using the VIPER skills. They have enjoyed thinking about the Olympics and Sparta from the text Ancient Greece. Well done Year 5.




History - presenting about the trade in Ancient Greek times

As part of their work on Ancient Greece, the children began to understand the significance of trade between the states of Greece and other countries that were not too far away. They were amazed at how people did this and then settled in new lands as a result.



RE - Gods and creativity

The children looked at how religions portray their image of their Gods through art work. They discussed the images or words and discussed why they may have been presented in this way.




Cricket - gripping the bat and using the under arm throw

In Cricket this week, we learnt to use a V grip to hold the bat when we hit the ball. After developing the grip, the children progressed to being bowled at then hitting the ball so that they could make some runs. The children were fantastic and made rapid progress doing so!




Art - Sculpture

Building on our work linked to Georges Barque, the children used their designs and have begun manipulating wire to create the shapes. They children are working collaboratively and on a large scale, which is wonderful to see. 




DT - Research

The children have been researching innovators through the ages linked to electricity and products such Steve Jobs, Michael Faraday and Thomas Edison. The children began making natural links with innovators across other subjects and from previous learning across the year groups. Impressive links 5M.







Publishing work

To present their balanced arguments, the children were able to use Word on the computer. They selected a font and size to ensure it was clear to the audience.



Sports Day

The children began their session with archery in the Sports Hall. After listening to instructions, the children were able to line their arrows carefully before releasing the bow. Some accurate shooting was on display! The teachers were impressed with the concentration and perseverance the children demonstrated.







Then the children tackled the races, which were running, the sack, the obstacle and the relay. Wow! We certainly saw some quick racing from everybody and some fabulous sportsmanship to help everyone finish and feel motivated.







Inferring from images





The children were able to look closely at the image and discussed what they could see. They looked at everything linked to what they could see, the emotions, the time of day, the colours and what it might all mean. The mind maps produced were very detailed. 

Tallington Sports Trip

The children tested their skills of trust, problem solving and resilience whilst on their day out to Tallington. They had three activities to complete; toboggining, wall climbing and team games. They were all fantastic and shone throughout the day!