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Term 5

Is it important to adapt?

Curriculum overview for the term

PE: Orienteering and Athletics

Building upon our knowledge of orienteering and athletics, we are seeking to answer the question: What is more important, power or strength?



Geography: South-America

Our learning this term focuses on the human and physical features of South-America (the fourth largest continent). We will be creating travel guides, based upon our learning, to show mastery of our understanding of the similarities and differences with our local area. The route that HMS Beagle will be explored as we look closely at evolution and inheritance in Science. To do this, we shall be applying our understanding of map-work including grid references.


PSHE: Sex and Relationships Education

We are familiar with the changes that occur during puberty and what constitutes as a healthy romantic relationship. We will be exploring the role that sexual intercourse plays in relationships – including reproduction.







Science: Evolution

Inheriting characteristics from our parents can always be a good topic for discussion – who shares whose nose etc. but we will be digging deeper and looking at the fossil record, Mary Anning and the famous Galapagos finches sketched by Darwin.


Best beak STEM challenge - we investigated the best beaks for different food sources...


RE: Life Journey

For most of us, we share similar aspects of our life journeys such as birth, passing a driving test and getting married. This term, we will look at the first eleven Samskaras in Hinduism, Brit Milah, Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah as well as the Aqiqah ceremony to look at how life journeys of different religions compare.





This term we will develop our understanding of musical notation by beginning to read notes from different clefs.


English: Writing to Entertain

In English we are writing, using the styles of key authors and the inspiration of The Wizard of Of, to entertain our audiences.


Peer conferencing to revise our story openers: 

Mathematics - Angles

We have been working collaboratively to understand how to measure, draw and calculate angles...