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Term 5

Overarching question for this term:

Is there plentiful in the world?


Welcome to Term 5!


We are really excited for all of our learning ahead of us this term. Our theme is 'Sow, Grow, Hello' and we will be exploring plants, the weather and using natural objects around us to support with our art learning.


In Science, we will be learning about Plants. We will explore a variety of common wild garden plants including deciduous and evergreen trees. We will identify structures of plants and explore how they change overtime through observational comparisons and contrasts.


In Geography, we are going to explore the weather. We will be identifying the seasonal and daily weather patterns in the United Kingdom, build on our knowledge of seasons and know and recognise weather symbols. We will also be presenting our own weather forecast to display our geography learning!


We will be print making in Art. We are going to create repeating patterns in print, experiment with different objects and take rubbings from a range of interesting surfaces. 


RE this term will be recognising Places of Worship and being able to explain the use of features and symbols in places of worship, using our previous knowledge of RE learning.


We will also be developing our computer skills and learning how to play the ocarina in Music. In PSHE we are going to explore work and money.


We will be reading Jack and the Beanstalk as our traditional tale and Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers will be our class novel.


We are really looking forward to yet another amazing term together full of learning, smiles and fun! 

What have we been learning about?

We have had a brilliant start to Term 5 and have really settled back into our learning and school routines beautifully.


We have enjoyed starting the term with our Art learning which has been creating repeating patterns in print, making experimental marks in found objects and taking rubbings from a range of interesting surfaces. The work we have produced for this really was excellent!



We were also lucky enough to have a Tennis Taster Day and we enjoyed learning some elements of playing tennis. We used our Core Value resilience the most in this lesson as it was a little tricky to control the ball to begin with but when we concentrated we were able to. We enjoyed using the racket to hit the ball with and practise this skill.



We have also enjoyed our Science learning which has involved planting seeds. We were lucky to be given a seed of Hope linking to our collective worship and we planted this alongside our own seeds in our own pots. We made an observational drawing of the plant pot and seed and the beginning of its journey and we will continue to observe how or if the plant changes. We discussed what our seed needs to be able to grow.



In our Maths learning and we have been introduced to weight and mass. We have used key vocabulary such as heavier, equal, balance, lighter, mass and weigh. We used the weighing scales to observe whether objects were lighter, heavier or equal to each other. Throughout the week, we will continue to measure mass, capacity and volume.