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Term 5

Term 5

Overarching Question: 'Can a wrong always be put right?'


Our theme for Term 5 is 'The Empire Strikes Back!'. The focus of this theme is to learn about The Romans. Children will develop an understanding of this Historic period of time and how the Romans have impacted our lives today. In Science, children will build upon their Key Stage One knowledge of plants and learn how plants reproduce and will understand how we transport water. In RE, we will be understanding how religions celebrate special times and how these are similar and different. Within PSHE, we will begin to learn about our community and our role in the wider world and how rules are in place to keep us safe. We will also be exploring clay, athletics, researching and creating PowerPoints and playing the Ukulele. Our novel this term will be 'Sheep-Pig' - take a look at our Reading Star to see information about this book. We are so excited to get back together so we can learn, laugh and enjoy the summer weather. 


Week 1

The children have had a fabulous first week back at school reconnecting with their friends and the staff within our school community. We have made great use of the glorious weather by being outside as much as possible. We started our PE topic, Athletics, by developing our sprinting technique on the field. The key objectives were to bend our elbows and knees, use our arms for power and ensure our heads were looking forward. In order for our sprinting technique to be successful, our posture needed to be good. 


In Computing, the children have learnt the importance of word order when searching on the internet. In Maths, we have recapped and developed our knowledge of fractions. Our focus this week has been tenths. We can identify tenths successfully and know that ten tenths is equal to one whole. 



Week 2

The children have developed their sprinting technique further this week in PE by sprinting in laps like a relay. We worked on communication and positioning in order to pass the baton correctly. 


In PSHE, the children explored rules and laws. We spoke about why these are significant and essential in order for a community to work together. 


In English, the children enjoyed using roleplay to by creating their own versions of the Dum Spiro clip. They used substitutions to try and add humour. We also made lollypop stick puppets to help develop conversation and speech opportunities which can be developed into dialogue for our narrative stories. 


In Maths, we have continued with fractions this week embedding our prior knowledge and applying our knowledge further. This week we have started to find fractions of amounts.


Finally, we had a fantastic time guessing what was 'IN THE BOX!' for a creative narrative this week. There were some fabulous predictions from baby chicks to baby dragons! The buzz and excitement in the room was fantastic. 



Week 3

In Maths this week we have continued to work with fractions by comparing, adding and subtracting them. We learnt that when we add or subtract fractions with the same denominator, the denominator does not changed. The children remembered this key information well. The children have shown incredible resilience when our learning has got trickier this week - well done! 


In English, we have started to draft our narratives whilst applying word classes and creating tension during the build-up. Many children have worked incredibly hard on their presentation and handwriting, showing great progress and improvements in recent weeks. The general stamina for writing is getting stronger and stronger - well done, Year 3! 


In RE, we have looked at special celebrations in religions other than Christianity this week. We identified the key features of Diwali, Eid and Hanukkah. 


In History, we looked at Roman foods and how they were different between rich Romans and poor Romans. We could not BELIVEVE what they used to eat! Interestingly, we found that they did also eat many foods that we eat today such as bread and fruit. They even drank wine mixed with water for a treat! 


In PE this week, we focused on our fluency and rhythm of moving over and across obstacles by using leaping and striding techniques. This was new vocabulary for us too so we discussed the meaning and children did demonstrations to each other. We used cones as our obstacles and practiced striding and leaping over them whilst remembering our sprinting technique that we have been working on in recent weeks. The children showed fantastic energy and enthusiasm and made excellent progress. Well done! 


Week 4

This week has been extremely busy in Year 3. In Maths we have continued working with the measurement of time and developed this to five-minute intervals. We used practical methods to support our understanding before answering questions to apply our skills. 



We also walked 3,000 steps for Christian Aid whilst raising lots of money for a fantastic charity. We walked three laps around the field to total our steps to 3,000. Some of us did some jogging, running and even skipping! Great job, Year 3!