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Term 5

Overarching Question

Can good come from bad?

Welcome back to the summer term! We hope you have all had a fantastic Easter break. This term our theme will be 'London: Then and Now'. We will be studying the city of London and comparing the physical and human features from the past. We will all then become historians and find out about the Grate Fire of London in 1666. We will be finding about the causes of the fire and what impact this had on society. This will then help us to answer our overarching question for the term. In our science this term, we will be identifying different materials and their properties and how they can be used in different ways.


In maths we will be continuing our learning on fractions. We will then move on to measurement and comparing different lengths. This will then lead on to solving problems involving different measurements. In English we will be 'writing to inform'. We will be becoming reporters and writing a newspaper report about The Great Fire of London.


Homework will continue to be set weekly which will include Maths Assignments set on our new resource `Maths Shed`. All login details have been shared but if you are still unable to access your account. Please contact a member of the year 2 team. 




PE- Every Monday and Tuesday. 

Please ensure all children have he suitable PE kit for both indoors and outdoors. All long hair must be tied back and earrings should be removed. 


In maths this week, we have started our unit on length and height. We have compared objects using the vocabulary longest, shortest, tallest, longer than and shorter than. We have then used different non-standard units to measure objects around the classroom. 



It was amazing to enjoy the sunshine in PE this week! We explored travelling over hurdles in different ways and applied what we had learned about sprinting when taking part in different group races.



In Re this week, we listened to the Easter story. We enjoyed a sensory experience and stopped at different parts of the story to wave palm leaves, eat bread and drink juice and smell vinegar. We found out the story begins with sadness but ends with great happiness.