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Term 5

Is life an adventure?

This term we will be looking at the overarching question 'Is life an adventure?' we will be looking at answering this questions through exploring different types of adventures which can be experienced. We will be looking at adventures of favourite books characters such as 'The Gruffalo' and looking at the retelling of familiar stories and beginning to write short sentences to describe the parts of stories, the settings and the characters.


In Understanding of the World, this term we will be exploring different materials and what each material can do or could be used for, we will be at pushing and pulling and what we can do with these two actions and we will also be exploring Castles, what they were used for and where we have seen them.


We are going to be looking at 'Living in the wider World' in PSED and concentrating on how we can care for our environment, keep our world looking beautiful and discovering ways which we can make a difference to our own environment.


In RE we will be looking at Gods creations-  why different creatures were created, who is God to Christians and exploring our understanding of why people were created in the eyes of God.

We have begun our learning about adventures with ‘The Gruffalo’ looking at his adventure through the woods. The children have explored this story in depth, they have created a story mountain ordering the different parts, they have acted the story out using masks, they have painted him and described him and they have also explored the other characters in our provision, they particularly like the ‘scrambled snake’.

the children have been exploring shape in Maths looking at both 2D shapes and 3D shapes. They have identified them and used the shape properties to describe them, they have enjoyed doing this in our outdoor area where they had to match the shape to the property by finding two cones with the clues underneath.

The children have taken part in balance bike training, it has been incredible to watch a group of children flourish as the week has progressed into confident bike users, who can talk about the parts of the bike, appropriate clothing to wear and safe ways to stand and move with a bike.

Great work class Love!