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Term 5

This terms overarching question:
'What makes someone more significant?'

Friday 21st May



We went out on our first trip of the year! We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to go orienteering in Witham Way Country Park, and we had so much fun, in spite of the rain. We learned to map read and locate markers by using this skill. Things got very competitive in the race at the end, we had to use our accumulated knowledge of where the markers were to plan the fastest route and then run, run, run! The winners tore in with a time of 5 minutes, and Matt told us their time put St Thomas' fifth out of forty-two schools who have taken part so far!

Friday 14th May



What a treat! Justin came into school especially to introduce us to the sport of cricket - many of us had never tried it before. We learned how to bowl - it is tricky remembering not to bend your arm. We enjoyed practising the new skills by playing games, trying to hit the wickets was harder than it looked though!

Wednesday 12th May

Christian Aid walk


Year 5 made their contribution to the number of steps required for the fundraising effort by Christian Aid by walking around the field three times. We had fun as it was sunny, but we also used the time to reflect upon why the money was needed and what the charity does.

Tuesday 11th May



Sketching scientifically is a skill we practised today, accuracy is really important and the challenge was to draw what we could see rather than what was in our heads! We persevered and after some work, we were better at making the close observations necessary to record all the tiny details of a leaf or flower.



Thursday 6th May


The focus for today’s English was to develop phrases that would express a sense of drama and heighten the tension in the next section of our narratives. In groups, we worked on one sense at a time,  in a carousel, building on the ideas of other groups as we moved round. We ended up with an impressive collection of powerful phrases, which we will put to use tomorrow!



Thursday 6th May


In PE we are thoroughly enjoying our OAA sessions! We are practising working as a team, listening to the challenges  and working out strategies that will help us meet them. Communication is key!



Wednesday 5th May

We discussed various ways people can communicate emotions and stories through dance, as well as expressing these through many other mediums. Then we learned to dance like the professionals! We learned a dance from The Lion King, as it is performed on stage. We discussed how the dance told the story through movement.


Friday 30th April - Ancient Greek Day


What a special day! We took part in a carousel of activities over the morning:

The Greeks were well-known for their love of story-telling, so we listened to the myth of King Midas and the Golden Touch before acting it out to show our understanding.

We examined artefacts, looking closely for clues as to what they were made of, what they might have been used for and what kind of people might have used them - some very high-level inference went on!

We took part in our own version of the Olympics, which included some of the events held in the original games in Olympia. We sprinted, threw javelins and discus and even participated in chariot racing!

Over the course of the afternoon we enjoyed a feast, trying foods that the Ancient Greeks would have eaten. Olives, halloumi, feta cheese, tzatziki and pomegranate seeds were a first for many of us, which made the experience very exciting!

We also ate then evaluated the bread we had designed and made earlier in the week - some of us were impressed by our own baking skills!

Everyone joined in the day's activities whole-heartedly, and took all the opportunities offered, such as trying new foods and new ways of learning History. With comments like, "This has been the best day ever!" and "Can we do it all again?", as well as watching everyone learn so much while having fun, meant we all went home very happy.


Thursday 29th April


In RE, we reflected on last week’s learning about how creativity can be expressed. Consequently, we listened to short pieces of music, identifying which emotion they evoked. We progressed to composing our own short piece of music, using percussion instruments, to express an emotion or an event.




Thursday 29th April

We were delighted to explore more Greek artefacts, and great discussions about what each could be, the time period it might be from and how we could tell were heard. Noting that the wooden tablet smelt like honey led to the connection with bees and wax. We were fascinated to learn this was the Ancient Greek equivalent of our whiteboards! They could melt the wax and pour it back into the wooden frame when they wanted to clear it. During our research, we found that according to the British library, these were used in schools. From this we inferred that education was important to the Ancient Greeks.



Wednesday 28th April


We are very fortunate to have Ancient Greek artefacts on loan from The Collection museum in Lincoln. We were fascinated by the artefacts and immediately got into role as historians, trying to infer what the objects could be. The image painted on the amphora showed us that Greeks recorded daily life on their pottery. Marks scratched into the discus could have been the names of the winners or records of the events. Coins revealed pictures of their Gods and myths, showing these were recognized and important to all people in their time.




Monday 26th April


In Geography, we researched to find facts about the beautiful and fascinating country of Greece. the physical features are many and varied - 80% of Greece is covered in mountains! Mount Olympus is the tallest mountain and Crete is the largest island. We produced detailed reports showing the information we discovered. 



Friday 24th April

In Science we are learning about how plants reproduce. What better way to learn about the parts of a flower than to dissect one? In small groups we dissected tulips, identifying the male and female parts of it. We discussed the roles of the various parts of the flower and how they contributed to the fertilisation of the seed. We were then able to draw a diagram and label it accurately, demonstrating our understanding.




Thursday 22nd April


In PE, we practised working as teams to achieve goals. There was a focus on trust when we did a blindfolded walk! In pairs, we guided a blindfolded partner to specific coloured cones, which was fun but also made us realise how important teamwork is.


Young Leaders Award


Wednesday 21st April


Archie introduced his next stage of learning this week, we are exploring leaders and how inspirational leaders have made a difference in the world. We researched the lives of some of these fascinating people and played Top Trumps after establishing how highly we believed Faith, Courage, Determination and Skill had featured in their stories. After further research, we were able to give a short presentation to the class about what inspired us about certain individuals.  





Tuesday 20th April

In English, we have begun to explore Greek myths. We have read the opening chapter of Odysseus, which is already very exciting! We re-enacted scenes from the story, showing through actions our understanding of emotions.