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Term 5

Welcome Back!

A big welcome back to Summer Term where we can't wait to get started with our learning! 


This term our overarching question is, 'Can reflection alter a decision?'


In week one, have a think about what the vocabulary in that question means.  We have a Reflective Garden in school, but what does reflection mean? If we alter something what do we do? What is a decision?


This term we will be learning about Egypt, what life is like now and what it was like in Ancient Egypt too. Exploring maps we will retrieve our learning about The Nile and think about its importance for life today and in the past.


What do you already know about Egypt?

What would you like to know?


Science allows us to build on prior knowledge of living things and their habitats. We will be identifying different living things, classifying them and looking at how the environment impacts what lives there.


What is a pilgrimage?

In RE this term we will be exploring the importance and significance of Pilgrimages and how different religions have their own special journeys they make.


Ready to get active?

In PE this term we are going Swimming every Wednesday and every Friday we will be doing Athletics! We can't wait to start training our future Olympians!


Keep checking back here to see how we are getting on!

Reverend Jane - Pilgrimage


This week, we welcomed Reverend Jane into school to discuss pilgrimages as part of our Pilgrimage unit of work in RE. Reverend Jane spoke about why pilgrimages are important and how sometimes the journey within the pilgrimage is sometimes more important than they actual pilgrimage site as it offers you a chance of reflection. She then went on and spoke about her own pilgrimage to the Holy Island one Easter at Lindisfarne as part of a Christian pilgrimage and how sometimes pilgrimages can be done in small stages rather than one long journey. We took so much from Reverend Jane’s talk and can’t wait to continue our learning on Pilgrimages as we study other religions along the way. 


Multiplication Times Table Check Practice


At the end of our Computing lesson, we decided to have a go at practicing our times table knowledge on a multiplication times table check simulator. On the simulator, you only have 6 seconds to answer a question and there are 25 questions in total. This gives us a chance demonstrate our fluency in our times tables and which times tables we need to practice further. 



Also this week, we were lucky to have Justin from Dynamos Cricket who came in and spoke to us about cricket. We enjoyed learning how to bowl properly by making sure we kept our arm straight and brushed our ear before letting go of the ball. We then applied our new skill to target games where we had different targets to aim for to help us hone in our accuracy skills. We then spoke about the amazing opportunities that Boston Cricket Club have to offer and how cricket is an excellent sport to play!




We were very lucky to be able to invite Mr Haslam from Thomas Middlecott and Boston School Sport to discuss Boccia, which is a sport played in the Paralympics. We started the session of by watching Boccia being played at London 2012 and how a young man showed resilience when faced with a life changing accident managed to still represent his country in a sport that used many special types of equipment. We then made our way into the sports hall and had a go at playing Boccia and we soon realised that it was a game of tactics and belief in ourselves as no one can give you advice on how to play your shot. Following this, we spoke about how there are always winners and losers in a game but it is how you celebrate or commiserate the game. 

Christian Aid Sponsored Walk


This week, we have been privileged to take part in a sponsored walk, in aid of Christian Aid, to raise money to build wells and provide water for countries that don’t have immediate access to water. As a school, we had to walk around the school field three times to match that of a distance some people have to travel to fetch clean water. Whilst walking around, it gave us a chance to reflect on how fortunate we are to have access to clean water whenever we need it which motivated us to do more than our three laps as required!


English - Analysing texts 


We have started our new narrative unit of work this week looking at the author David Walliams. He has written so many good books and many of them have been turned into TV series. One of the things we admired about his texts as a class is how he uses humour within his texts to engage the reader. This is something that we are very passionate to try and replicate within our writing. Here you see Hope Class analysing a variety of David Walliams books and deciding what makes us laugh and why. Maybe it is the choice of word or how some bodily functions that smell are used. We are then going to be focusing on the story Mr Stink and think about how he brings his characters to life through his description. 

English - Publishing


In English, we have been working very hard on writing our own play scripts using the text Spider McDrew and the Egyptians by Alan Durant. We came up with our own endings after Spider climbed into a tomb whilst on a school trip. We had some amazing endings from finding a secret panel in the tomb to Spider stopping a robbery at the museum. We then worked hard on giving stage directions to our actors making sure they new how to deliver their lines and actions by including fronted adverbials. Finally, we then combined our word processing work from Computing and published our work by using the laptops and developing our typing skills. 

Maths - Money


In Maths, we have been working hard on understanding how we can make amounts using a combination of different coins and amounts. We have found using coins helps us explain our understanding. Super work Hope Class!


Mindfulness Week


As part of Mindfulness Week, we took part in a series of activities that gave us a chance to reflect and relax from our busy routine. One of the activities that we took part in was ‘hug a tree’. We worked in pairs and one person was blindfolded and the other person had to lead their partner to a tree. The blindfolded person then had to feel the tree’s texture and energy before being led away again. They then removed their blindfold and had to go and find the tree that they were hugging whilst they were blindfolded. The purpose of the exercise is to remind the children that nature is an excellent way to improve mental health by appreciating the beauty and the importance of nature. 

Design and Technology


Today, we have been practicing our spreading techniques in preparation for our sandwich design at the end of the term. We used crackers, cream cheese or humus and then practicing our cutting techniques by cutting vegetables. 

Classifying animals


This week in Science, we have been learning about classifying animals. We first sorted the animals into groups of vertebrates. Did you know there are five types of vertebrates? These are mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. 


Following that, we then started to use a classification key to sort vertebrates into groups by asking questions where the answer had to be yes or no. 

Has anyone heard from Spider?


Hope Class received an unusual package in the post today from Spider McGrew. He has asked us not to open it because it is cursed! Naturally, we are very curious so we have written a persuasive letter to Spider asking if we could open it. What do you think is inside?


In our first Athletics lesson, we were developing an understanding of pace and speed in relation to the distance that needed to be covered. We worked hard to run at a pace we could maintain, running with fluency and co ordination, alternating our arms and legs to help us.


RE - Pilgrimages - Lesson 1

This week in RE, we made predictions on what we thought Pilgrimages are and shared where our special place is that allows us time to think and reflect. Here are some examples. Super work Hope Class!

RE - Pilgrimage Lesson 1

English - Playscripts

Today in English, we started our unit of playscripts. Mr Shortland kept it a mystery as to what we were doing when we went outside. He gave us the script and we had to use our problem solving and teamwork skills to figure out what was happening. Once we realised we were looking at playscripts, we gave ourselves a role from 'Little Red Riding Hood' and acted out the scenes. As we progressed through the scenes, we realised that there were stage directions that told us how to act out the line. We can't wait to see how we are going to apply these skills later this week!

English - Playscripts