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Term 4 - Spring - Food Glorious Food

Is all food glorious to our bodies?


Week 1


Kindess class are very good storytellers, I wonder if they can use their actions to tell you the story at home? Next week we are going to use adjectives to add detail to the story before publishing them.


We also explored the 5 senses and used our drawing skills to sketch the different parts of the body related to the senses and labelled them.


This week has been whole class guided reading and we have been studying 'Oliver's Vegetables'. 1T showed great teamwork when sequencing the pages from the story, making good use of the days of the week to help them. Then they read the story with their partner.


Mrs Tewnion was a busy baker making cake for us this week, only they were all different colours! We used our senses of sight, touch and taste to experience the cake, made comments and ranked them from 1st to 4th place before deciding which was our favourite. What Mrs Tewnion didn't say until after was that they were all the same cake! We decided that what we see must change what we taste.


Well done to this wonderful pair for achieving their silver (50) and gold (100) house point certificates.

Week 2


We have been learning to prepare food safely and hygienically.

We will be using these new skills when we make our own fruit salads next week.


If you would like to continue to practise keyboard skills with your children then this is the great website we have been using:




As a class we voted to create a class Lent Tree to display our acts of kindness over Lent. Look how many wonderful acts of kindness we have seen already!



Congratulations on two new house point certificates. Lots of 1T are now working hard towards 200 house points for their platinum certificates. I wonder who will get there first?

Week 3


We played a game in circle time this week. We said lots of kind words to a beautiful red apple and only mean things to the green apple. At first the children thought it was fun to try and be imaginative with what they said. These attitudes soon changed when we opened the apples up and saw what our words had done. This was a good visual representation to support the children's understanding of Miss Sharples' collective worship.


We have been able to apply our understanding of part-part-whole models to write this as a number sentence e.g. 34 is 3 tens and 4 ones OR 30 + 4 = 34.


The children were very proud of their creations and excited to be able to take them home and share them with their families.



We've gone for the double this week with both young men achieving their gold certificate for 100 house points.