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Term 4-South America/The Ring of Fire

Our English focus will start with visual literacy as we explore the film Paddington, considering how the character is portrayed in the film compared to the book. We will learn about some of the techniques used by animators to set scenes and moods and try to use this understanding to develop our writing.


In RE we will try to answer the big question: Was Jesus the Messiah? To find out we will study the evidence from the Old Testament and accounts from the time to understand why Jews do not believe he was, whereas Christians do.


Our Science investigations continue as we design practical experiments to learn about dissolving and separating substances as well as reversible and irreversible changes.


Archie continues! Taking part in the Young Leaders Award is rewarding and we can see the benefits when the children talk about the kind acts they have chosen to do to help other people.    

Understanding how search engines work and how results are ranked is important for children to assist not just with their computing knowledge, but with developing critical analysis so they do not just click the first result the search engine produces!


Week One

We used talk for writing strategies, to rehearse a phonecall with the insurance company after his catastrophic accident in the Brown's bathroom.


In Science this week, we have investigated materials which dissolve. We have learned the terms soluble and insoluble.


Withn Geography, we have started learning about the significant, devastating impact that earthquakes have. We imagined and role played earthquake procedures and identify what needed doing immediately after and the order they would need doing in.


Week 4




This week in our Science lesson, we have been investigsting reversible and irreversible changes.

The first experiment was  milk and vinegar. The second experiment was bicarbonate soda and vinegar. What do you think happened?


Easter Artwork



Following out Easter Classroom worship this week, we have been preparing for the forthcoming days and the end of lent.

We have been using our learning about the brush strokes and the style of work produced by Monet, and have adapted our knowledge and skills in our Easter artwork.