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Term 4

Overarching question for this term is:

'Can kindness change the world?'

Welcome back Gentleness Class! 


It has been wonderful to see all of your smiling faces back in the classroom! We have been extremely busy since coming back to school and we have enjoyed taking part in lots of exciting activities. 



This week we have explored our class text 'The tiger who came to tea'. We had lots of fun acting out the story and creating our fabulous tiger masks. We have read the story lots of times so that we can now confidently retell the story on our own! 

Our body


This week we have focused on our science learning which explored the human body! We were given the task to sort and identify the different parts of the body and label them together. We also sang head, shoulders, knees and toes to warm ourselves up! 

Practical Maths


This week we have consolidated our knowledge of adding 2 numbers together and what this looks like. We have used practical resources on ten grids to visually see what happens when 2 numbers are added together. This has allowed us to see why our place value knowledge of tens and ones is so important. We can now use our place value knowledge to mentally count the answer. 

Big Write


This week we have created our very own stories during our big write lessons! We had great fun designing and creating our own mice which allowed us to practise our cutting skills. After we had built our mouse we enjoyed playing with them in the classroom. 

Next, we drew a setting for our mouse to be in, to help us develop our stories. We spent time talking to our friends and sharing our ideas afterwards. 

Then we were ready to write our stories about the different adventures of mouse! 



Today we went on a senses walk around the school grounds. We each had a whiteboard and pen to help us make notes of anything interesting we find. During our walk, we investigated all the different smells. We each discussed which were our favourite and how amazing our nose really is! 

The Enormous Turnip

Today we began discussing this term's traditional tale - The Enormous Turnip.

We used our knowledge of how Pie Corbett retells stories to help us retell the story with actions and facial expressions.

As you can see, we heaved and heaved but the turnip would just not budge!