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Term 4

Overarching question for Term 4 is:

What is Love?

Term 4 Spidermap

Welcome back!


It has been an incredible start back to school, the children have settled in brilliantly and I have been blessed to be welcomed with many smiles.


This week we have focussed on reconnecting at a class. We have done PSED circle times daily to discuss how we are feeling and how we can support each other. The children have used a choosing time to talk, play and share of which the children have done brilliantly.


In Maths this week the children have been looking at doubling, we used our mini beast learning to help us do this practically. The children were given a number and then using spots in a lady bird had to work out what the double of the number would be.


In Literacy the children have been looking at the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ we have had great fun retelling this story. This created a problem in our mind ‘How did the farmer get the Enormous Turnip into the kitchen to cook it? The children used various pieces of equipment to build a machine to get the Turnip into a cooking pot, they used actions like roll, pull and push.

We have noticed how the weather has changed and is beginning to improve, we have begun to notice buds on the hedges and flowers beginning to poke through the soil. This has meant we have needed to prepare our planting areas for seeds. The children have been weeding and turning over the soil in preparation for some sunflower seeds, whilst doing this we have spotted lots of worms and learnt about what we are going to need to do to ensure our seeds grow.

In Maths the children have been working on sharing amounts and looking at the need for each group to be the same and the easiest way to share equally. In Literacy the children have been working really hard on using their Phonics in their writing, they have combined their artistic skills using paint and then labelled their picture with postet notes and key words before using these key words in their writing. The children loved writing this week about Chicken Licken and found the story very funny. Look at the incredible writing they are creating!