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Term 4

Overarching question for this term:

'Is everything connected?'

Term 4 Curriculum map

Week commencing 15th March - we had Monday in school then we had to continue our learning at home!


In Science we investigated thermal conductors and insulators. Before starting, we discussed how to conduct fair tests - look how scientifically we have worked!

Practical Maths continues at home as well - look at the effort put into creating these quadrilaterals! 
WC 8th March - our first week back together! Have a look at what we have been doing.


We have had an exciting week in English, beginning with tasting marmalade sandwiches. There were mixed reactions, some were surprised Paddington likes it so much as they did not!

We went on to read examples of explanation texts before designing our own marmalade making machines. Next week we will move on to writing our explanation texts about these machines.


Sunday is a special day, a chance for us all to show how much we appreciate our mums. We used our knowledge of Jackson Pollock style painting from last term to create the canvas. We then cut out petal shapes and layered these on to a water-coloured background - look at the resulting masterpieces!


After discussing whether or not they believed Jesus was the Messiah, based on the scripture verses they have been reading, a hot-seating session with Mary and Joseph was set up to see what the people around him in his lifetime might have thought. Jews were expecting a saviour but they hoped for a warrior, who would expel the Romans from their land - Jesus did not fit this expectation. However, they believed he would be born in Bethlehem, be of David's line and perform miracles so in these respects he did. The children decided that his mother and father would have thought he was the Messiah, because of the visit from the angel before his birth.


This investigation was very exciting, we explored reversible and irreversible changes using milk and vinegar, and bicarbonate of soda. Both caused irreversible changes as a new product was produced. The bicarbonate of soda caused the most excitement as frothy bubbles fizzed in the bowl. Everyone was surprised when vinegar caused milk to separate into curds and whey, and were fascinated to discover the curds form a kind of plastic. Finally, in pairs we sorted different examples of reaction to illustrate how confident we were when deciding whether a reaction was reversible or not.

Archie Archbishop

The Young Leaders Award offers children the chance to develop leadership skills as well as team work opportunities. Today we demonstrated our existing skills completing the Cup Challenge. This involved building a tower form cups but without being allowed to touch them! There was only an elastic band tool to help. It took a while but we all managed it in the end! We discussed the characteristics of a good leader, then role played examples of good and bad leadership.