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Term 3

Our overarching question for Term 3 is:

'If there were no wars, would there be History?'

History: The Second World War

Building upon our knowledge and understanding of The Great War, we will continue to investigate the impact of The Treaty of Versailles. Moving through the appeasement of Hitler, the introduction of the Nuremberg Laws and the outbreak of war we will then investigate how Boston, and its people were impacted by The Second World War.



PSHE: Mental Health and Well-Being

During this term, we will develop the mindset that mental health is just as important as physical health. We explore the ways to deal with healthy and unhealthy thoughts as well as coping with change and loss. Ways such as: self-love, distraction and healthy ways for an emotional release.




RE:  Are science and religion conflicting or complementary?

By seeking to answer the above question, we are delving into different accounts of creation to evaluate the relationship between Science and religion.



Science: The Systems of the Body – The Circulatory System

Retrieval is an important part of embedding knowledge into our long-term memories, so we are revisiting the different systems of the body: skeletal system (from Y3); the digestive system (from Y4) and the muscular system (from Y5). We will then develop our understanding through new learning about the composition, roles of the organs and the importance of the circulatory system.





Art: Pablo Picasso

Building upon last term’s learning, we will be looking at Guernica and advancing to create our own Picasso portraits using different media!


Design Technology: Textiles – Make Do and Mend

Embracing this propaganda poster from WW2, we will be developing our use of: running stitch, back stitch, blanket stitch and cross stitch – we might even throw in a few French knots! We explore the features of existing pencil case products this term before designing and creating prototypes and patterns for our very own pencil cases (that we will make next term).

Mathematics: Fractions, decimals and percentages


See the remote learning stars for Term 3 - each one has a slide show of amazing work sent in for Maths and English this term !

English: Persuasion – Bias in the News

See the remote learning stars for Term 3 - each one has a slide show of amazing work sent in for Maths and English this term !