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Term 2 Vikings

This week we have been exploring the melting and freezing points of different materials and today we experimented with chocolate. The bowls had water of different temperatures and we experimented with how long it would take the chocolate to melt. The children made their predictions and wrote up their results. 

Thank you to everyone who came to help with the year 3/4 Christingle service. It was great to have your support and your help is of course much appreciated. The children commented on what a lovely afternoon they'd had and how much they enjoyed singing their favorite carols.

This afternoon the children watched the pantomime 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all children!

This morning Year 4 had the privilege of being able to make their Christingles. Join us at St Thomas' church Wednesday lunch time for our joint Year 3-4 Christingle service!

This term we have been reading all about the adventures of Flat Stanley! These books are amazing! They're easy for us to read all together, the children really enjoy them and they love asking and answering questions about their favorite flat character. If you get the chance, pick one up and have a read together, you won't regret it-we promise! 

Thank you to everyone bringing in all of your wonderful projects so far! We have swords, ships and bread as well as a variety of facts and posters. Well done, keep it up, we look forward to seeing more soon! 


Please come and join us at the Christmas fayre this evening (Thursdya 5th December). We have been working hard to create hand woven heart baskets made from felt. We've filled them with Christmas goodies for you so don't miss out! 


This afternoon we had a visit from our very special yellow bear Pudsey! We raised a massive £615 on Friday so a huge thank you and well done! 


This afternoon we were able to appreciate a live harpist as she came into school to perform for the children. It was amazing to see how engaged they were and the different questions that they asked.

This afternoon we have looked at harps in our music/reading lessons. We explored  a text about harps and then created our own questions for it. We also looked at how harps our made and their role within an orchestra.


Thank-you for all of your contributions for Childrin Need. Through the non-uniform and cake sale I am sure we will have done out bit to contribute!



We have been practicing our Art skills this afternoon, focusing on objects/people that will be included in our Christmas crafts..I won't spoil what the children did in theirs as you'll see for yourself soon enough! 

During PHSE we have been discussing the different types of families and how special and unique they all are. The children have been sharing examples of their own families and where in the world they are!

In science we have been exploring solids, liquids and gases. Today our experiment was to discover whether gas weighs anything and we also had fun looking at what happens to raisins when they are immersed in lemonade. Ask your children what happened!

Today we had a beautiful reflective classroom collective worship. The children considered what life might be like for somebody in the armed forces and members of their families. We reflected on the Great Wars and discussed why it is important to remember people. 

Thank you for all the support this afternoon at our parent open afternoon! Year four were practicing their weaving skills using paper looms and made woven flowers on forks out of wool. 


In Music this term we are Viking Sagas. This week we have been learning all about the mischievous joker, Loki. Make sure youteach your adults the actions!

This term we are exploring a new book called 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'. This week we are focusing on the introduction and how it captivates the readers imagination. We are hoping to write our introductions and create text maps to help us!

Welcome back to Term 2!


This term we will be following on our learning about the Saxons and exploring the word of the Vikings! We will look at where they settled and why and investigate a range of sources.


We will be linking in our non-core lessons to the topic as well by looking at Viking Saga songs in Music and other subjects. 


Reading will also have a big focus again this term. Please ensure books are in school every day so we can read with the children and they can change them when necessary.


PE will still be on  Tuesday afternoon and swimming on a Wednesday.