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Term 2 - Race to Space

Monday 16th December - Making Music!

This morning, after listening to then critiquing a musical piece with a space theme, we composed our own musical piece around our chosen aspect of space. Then we set about practising the piece with instruments.


Thursday 12th December - Christmas service

The children did themselves proud, singing beautifully and speaking clearly in the Christmas service. We had a last minute change of venue due to the terrible weather, but we coped with the changes and performed well. They told the story of the first Christingle, then everyone lit their Christingles and sang This Little Light of Mine - this was a really special moment.




Tuesday 10th December - what a busy day!

Year 5 were very excited about going to the library, with the promise of lots of space books to read. 5C were delighted to go on the top deck of a double decker bus on the way there! In the library, the lovely librarians explained their roles; took us on a tour of the library, showing audio books and dual language books, which many children were unaware were available there; gave us the opportunity to read fascinating fiction and non-fiction space related books and helped us make rocket shaped bookmarks so we could remember our visit. Many of the children were inspired by all that is available in the library and want to join, so parents - please help us build on their enthusiasm and take them along to get their own cards! What better way to develop their love of reading?


Tuesday 10th December - Christingle making. 

We look forward to our annual visit from Trevor and the volunteers from the Children's Society, and would like to thank them again for coming to help us making our Christingles. It is wonderful to hear all the children confidently able to articulate the meaning of the different parts of the Christingle as they put them together.


Monday 9th December - We had a wonderful time! Oh no we didn't...


Everyone was very excited about watching the Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime, and it didn't disappoint. We laughed a lot, booed a lot and sang too - it was great fun!                                      


Thursday 5th December - Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair was very popular as always, children were excited to try to win the reindeer by taking part in the treasure hunt game on the Year 5 stall. Customers were also keen to buy the craft Year 5 made - a beautiful Make A Wish poem (carefully designed using their computing skills) and bracelet.


Thursday 5th December - Investigating advertisers' techniques.

We had fun during English, watching different adverts in order to identify techniques advertisers use to persuade people to buy their products. In small groups, we then worked collaboratively, mind-mapping ideas to incorporate these techniques into an advert of our own, to sell the moon buggies we are busy making in DT. 

Wednesday 4th December - Design and Technology.

Year 5 have accepted the challenge to make their own moon buggies - and made a confident start! They discussed designs which would meet the success criteria, then drew their ideas. After carefully and accurately measuring squared wood, they set about sawing them to the right lengths for their chassis. Well done everyone! 



Tuesday 3rd December - Cubed numbers in Maths.

Moving on from our learning in squared numbers, we used multi-linked cubes to develop understanding of cubed numbers in Maths.






Wednesday 3rd December - Snowflakes on the hoops!


The beautiful artwork Year 5 have been working on are on display in the hall - they look amazing! The whole hall looks stunning with the efforts of every class up now, well done everyone!




Thursday 28th November - English poetry performances

We have loved working with the poem Extinct by Mandy Coe this week. After analysing the structure, we created another verse which would fit in with the poem to show understanding. We worked hard to memorise the words, by putting actions and sounds to them, ready to perform. We finished this work by writing a response poem. Many of these were tweeted, as the quality was so good. MS received the Star of the Week as we were so proud of it!

Wednesday 27th November - Computing

We focused on putting our word processing skills into practice. We enjoyed moving objects, resizing and experimenting with font and colour to ensure the most effective outcome, and it was inspiring to see children helping each other to complete this task. These cards will complete the pack we will be selling at the Christmas Fair (don't forget, next Thursday!) with our bracelets.


Tuesday 26th November - arty afternoon!

These beautiful stars (or snowflakes - there are split opinions in the class as to which they look more like!) were created by carefully folding, cutting then gluing paper. Some children found it quite tricky, but those who were confident modelled and remodelled until everyone had completed them. We were all very proud and can't wait to see these hanging on the hoops!


Friday 22nd November - look at the concentration on their faces!


In PE we learned the dance moves to a space dance, we had to concentrate to perform the movements in sequence (at speed!). Once we had warmed up (and there was some heavy breathing), we discussed how bodies react to exercise, by increasing the heart and breathing rate. The children were able to describe how this helps bodies be strong and healthy, as well as evaluate the effect on their own bodies by the end of the session. 

Thursday 21st November - we love Science (especially the practical bits!).

We discussed the difference between weight and mass, which we found a bit tricky. Happily, once we started weighing objects with Newton Measures, things became a bit clearer. We discovered a link between kg (which weigh mass) and newtons (which measures how strongly gravity is pulling on an object). So now we know mass would stay the same even if you were on the moon, whereas weight changes depending on the strength of gravity, so you would weigh less if you were on the moon. We related this back to our previous learning when we watched footage of Neil Armstrong appearing to bounce as he walked on the moon. 

Thursday 21st November - great writing deserves great presentation.

Having spent two weeks incorporating their understanding of main and subordinate clauses into a very detailed report about a made up animal from a made up planet, the children were ready to publish! They were asked to be creative and these were some of the results.

Wednesday 20th November - the big day has arrived!

Finally, after writing scripts, organising role plays, learning lines, practising delivering them clearly, making props, it was 5C's time to shine. Thank you to all the parents who came to see the class assembly, which showcased all our learning about Space. It was received incredibly well, with comments about the children's clarity when speaking and their professionalism when performing. Well done everyone!  

Monday 18th November - wow, what a performance!

All of Key Stage 2 were incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to experience a musical concert today! Rosanna came to teach us about the harp, which was wonderful as many of us had never seen one before. We were all fascinated and several children were inspired, saying they now would like to learn to play a musical instrument. After listening to her play, we think we can now pick out the harp playing in an orchestral piece of music!

Tuesday 19th November - Pudsey visit!

Everyone was delighted to see a special visitor this afternoon - Pudsey came to say hello!



This term we continue to learn about space, which will incorporate an engaging DT project involving space buggies... watch this space! Also we have the excitement of performing to parents in 5C class assembly - this will be an enthralling summary of our learning about different aspects of space, children are already script writing, choreographing and directing. 


Our Scientific understanding in Term 2 will develop as we undertake practical investigations into Forces. This can be a tricky area for children to understand as the concepts are abstract and can't be seen. We can however see the effects of many forces and will use this to support learning.


As a whole, the class has loved learning from globes as we made connections with Earth and other celestial bodies last term - so we will build on this enthusiasm by discussing the many lines on the globe. Geographical understanding will progress as we learn about longitude and latitude, the tropics and the equator. 


We continue to develop our French language abilities through song, rhymes and games - see our time-telling dominoes for more details! We will move on to breakfast, lunch and dinner vocabulary this term.


In RE we look forward to building on our existing understanding of Islamic beliefs, exploring the guidance Muslims take from the Quran and how this influences their daily lives.


It is of course the Christmas term so we will be Christmas crafting wherever we can! We have many plans for many masterpieces, which parents will get to see nearer the time! 

Year 5 look forward to leading the Christingle Service at St Thomas' church. 


Friday 15th November - Children in Need day!

Thank you so much to everyone who took part and donated to the charity today. The children enjoyed dressing up and buying cakes, as well as joining in the assembly which reminded us all about the important work Children in Need supports.

Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th November. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Year 5 practised their sketching skills before designing a scene of Bethlehem. After discussing the colour wheel and determining contrasting colours, they painted their two sketched scenes with contrasting watercolours. The effect is stunning, well done everyone!



Friday 8th November - Year 5 were happy to rise to the challenge of choreographing their own space inspired dances. They had lots of original ideas and worked together collaboratively in small groups to create then rehearse a series of sequenced movements.


Monday 4th November - In Music, the children were inspired by Mars from Holst's The Planets. Through listening and analysing this music, they developed their understanding of ostinatos (repeating patterns) and created their own. In order to ensure they kept to the 5 beats in a bar that Holst used, they put words to their compositions and clapped the beat.




Thursday 31st October: Scientific understanding - how can we explain air resistance when it is invisible? We discussed how we might be able to feel the effects of air resistance, so we went out onto the playground to try out some of the ideas.



Most children found that holding card in front of them while running meant they were able to feel resistance. We thought of other variables that might affect the amount of resistance felt, such as the size of the card; changing the card for a metal (more solid) block; how fast they ran.

Friday 1st November - What an amazing afternoon! Thank you so much to all the parents who came along to join in our learning on Friday, the children love having you in the classroom! The investigation related to air resistance, so we asked the children to make parachutes to determine which was the most effective (ie. which was provided the most air resistance). With parental support and team work, all the groups worked scientifically ensuring they planned and conducted a fair test. 


Thank you for all the kind comments made by parents too.





Wednesday 30th October - This week in English, we discovered an exciting new planet called Pandora, which we are using as inspiration to write a non-chronological report about our own made up planet. We worked together to identify the features of a non chronological report, specifically technical vocabulary (there was a great deal of this!). Learning so many new and high-level words means we will be able to apply them in our own writing next week.

Wednesday 30th October - In French this week, we consolidated our learning on telling the time by creating dominoes in pairs. Everyone drew a clock face one side of a domino and wrote a time in french on the other - to be sure they worked, we then swapped and played each others games.