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Term 2

Curriculum overview Term 2

Who is the most important?


This term we shall be focusing on the theme of people who help us. We will be looking at many different jobs and the importance of these people within our community. The children will also be learning about bonfire night and how to stay safe, light and dark, the festival of Diwali and finally we shall have lots of fun exploring nocturnal animals and those that will soon be hibernating. 



The first book that we shall be reading is 'Little Red Riding Hood', we shall be role playing the story and looking at the different characters, also the children have created their own basket and considered what they may put inside the basket as a gift for Grandma.  In Maths we have been looking at patterns, we have noticed that we are surrounded by patterns of different shapes and sizes, the children have created their own patterns using maths resources as well as objects they found in our outdoor environment.




This week we have been having lots of fun outside problem solving and trying to find ways to make the water flow faster in the stream. We have been learning how to add numbers together using practical resources, the children really enjoyed using ladybirds and counters to help them solve addition problems.





This week we have enjoyed using the balancing scales to explore the weight of objects. We have also explored capacity using the water outside. Something very exciting also happened! Somebody broke into our classroom and left a mess. We had to search for clues and create a wanted poster to help the police. To continue learning about the police we have also been creating our own police cars outside using crates and tyres. We think it was the Big Bad Wolf!  The children have enjoyed learning about light and dark and using the torches to look in dark areas within the classroom. 






   This week we are learning about 2D shapes. Today we have been making our own 2D shapes using wooden pipes. We talked about the number of corners and sides the shape has. We have also been learning about nocturnal animals and we created our own owls!