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Term 2 - Autumn - Marvellous Maps

Week 1 


Our maps topic has started with studying our own school environment.


In our class Collective Worship we have been discussing forgiveness.


This term in Computing we are learning how to program using the Bee-Bots. 


Building on the children's prior learning of Kandinsky we are going to be exploring his work further this term. We have started by looking at the primary colours and how he uses these to paint houses. We had a go at painting our own houses in the style of Kandinsky using only primary colours.

Thank you to all the parents who came to join us for the open afternoon. 

Week 2


We love story time in year 1, particularly as we are allowed to vote for which book we would like to read each day. But...it is even more exciting when the books are written by someone in our class! Freddie, Leah and Finlay have all been busy at home writing and publishing these beautiful books which they have been reading to us. What talented children we have in year 1!


Some mysterious CCTV footage of our classroom was sent to Mrs Tewnion this week. We looked at the clues in the classroom and on the video and we decided it must have been the big bad wolf!

Our English for the next 2 weeks will be focused around sequencing and retelling this traditional tale.


Respect is a core value for us at St. Thomas' and so in our classroom collective worship this week we have been discussing Remembrance day as a sign of respect for all those who have given up their lives to make our country a safe place to live.

We worked together to create this acrostic poem to remember all those people, past and present, who work in or with the armed forces to keep us safe.

Week 3


We started this week with a trip! Our first year 1 adventure out of school. We have been exploring and experiencing autumn for ourselves to support our scientific understanding of the changing seasons. Being in a different environment will also help us with our geography as we will be able to make comparisons between the woodland and our school.


1T have learnt the difference between human and physical geographical features.

We have been sorting familiar features of our school, Westgate Woods and Boston town.


This week we have been doing whole class guided reading using the Michael Rosen text:

The children have had the opportunity to explore the vocabulary used by the author and build up their fluency through choral reading. We watched Michael Rosen perform the story and then created our own actions inspired by him. We used these to become story tellers. 

We finished the week by visiting RS who were a fabulous audience. 


Thank you to all the parents who supported our fundraising with donations for our spotty non-uniform day and enabling us to visit the cake sale.

In golden time on Friday afternoon some of year 1 were using the peg boards to develop their fine motor skills. Look at these creative children who used the pegs to try and create their own Pudsey pictures!

Week 4


This term we are learning what Christians believe about God from how he made the world.


Building on our prior knowledge of related number sentences and fact families, we have been looking at number bonds to 10 and how we can write these as number sentences.


We are beginning to see some potential computer programmers of the future in 1T.


Proud teacher moment! First certificates of the year!

Week 5


I wonder if year 1 can show some of this generosity at home as well as at school?



For our English, over the next 2 weeks, we are using Julia Donaldson's 'The Gruffalo' as our focus. Lots of 1T enjoy her books and were able to name many others that they have read and enjoyed.

Next week we will be using our labelled diagrams to help us to write character descriptions.


We are working hard and earning lots of house points in 1T. Many of us are getting closer to 50 points and to earning our first certificate.

Week 7

We had a lot of fun creating our own Christingles and learning what each element represented.