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Term 2

We have continued our learning about 'People who help us' we have looked at the medical profession and had a visitor to come to talk to us about the role of health visitors and midwives. We have paid extra attention to oral hygiene. We had a visit from a dental nurse who came to talk to us about how to look after our teeth, the children found this really interesting and have kept us updated on how often they are brushing their teeth now! The children have been looking at addition and subtraction, they asked to have a table set up with some addition and subtraction sentences on to solve, thier work at this table astounded us, welldone Reception!

In PE the children have thoroughly enjoyed continuing to explore the gymnastics equipment looking at different ways of jumping and landing, climbing inside, through and over different equipment, aswell as using the mats to create different body shapes.

The children have been working really hard on their Nativity and we are excited to start dress rehearsals next week.

The children entered the classroom and were shocked to find their classroom in a mess, however, along with the mess were clues. The children had to use their investigative skills to find out who had been in our classroom and more importantly who had take the class chicken. The children worked through the set of clues, listing them using their phonics and creating a wanted poster after reading character profiles and being able to pin point that it could be only one suspect...... The Big Bad Wolf!

Thankfully later in the week our PCSO visited the children to talk to them about the role of the police and thankfully returned out class chicken. Good work reception!

This week we have moved onto learning about the medical profession, looking at nurses, doctors and health visitors. The children had a visit from someone wearing the uniform also as we have been concentrating on the importance of 'Stranger Danger' and safer strangers.

In PE the children have begun to use the equipment which they found extremely exciting, they have been experimenting with different ways of moving and how to jump and land safely.

We have had a fantastic first few weeks back in Reception, the children have been learning all about 'Fire Safety' the children have explored the parts of a fire engine and labelled one in their literacy and have thoroughly enjoyed using the fire engine/station role play area. We saw lots of fantastic parents and family members pop in during our open afternoon, your support cannot be appreciated enough.

Following on from learning about firemen and fire safety we looked at fireworks and bonfires and how to stay safe during the celebrations. We ended of week of learning on this by making chocolate sparklers and eating them whilst watching a fireworks display!

The vocabulary which the children have generated during this topic was truely wonderful. The children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes in maths, they have been creating pictures using them and going on hunts to find them.

We have an exciting term ahead of us! The children will be learning about 'Fire Safety' for the first two weeks along with all things 'Whiz, bang and sparkle'. Our main focus for the upcoming term will be based upon 'People who help us' focussing on 'Fire, Police, Nurse, Dentists and Vets' alongside our fantastic Nativity production which will also be taking shape this term. Its going to be non stop and full of enthusiasm, energy and excitment, we cannot wait to get started!