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Term 1

Elmer Paintings

During our first week at school, we read and discussed the book 'Elmer' together. We talked about the ways we are all special in our own way and created our very own Elmer paintings which were all very beautiful and unique! 

Visiting the Reflective Garden

Visiting the reflective garden was a perfect time to share our own stories and discuss what the reflective garden can be used for. We all enjoyed exploring the area and we even found a caterpillar climbing the tree which we all found very exciting!

Investigating the old toy box!

Miss Doran told 1D that we had a special delivery today, but we had no idea what it was! We went outside to explore... Miss Denby and some of the children found an old box! We gathered together and opened it carefully – inside were some toys! But many of the children were quick to notice that these toys were old because they were delicate and dusty! Investigating this will certainly help us discuss our question ‘Are new toys better than old toys?’.

Once we returned to the classroom we had a closer look at the toys and made drawings of the artefacts we had found.

I Wish...

Our classroom was left in a magical mess whilst we were out for break! We entered the classroom and there was magical music playing as well as a key finding in the magical mess - a wand! This led to us having a discussion about what message the wand might be giving us and we knew that they were used to grant wishes! This helped us with writing our amazing 'I Wish' poems which were really excellent to read (Well done everyone!). Lots of fun and exciting wishes were announced! Who knows - maybe some horses, dogs and dinosaurs may be granted soon! 

Our favourite class wish was for us all to be happy, kind and loved - a brilliant wish 1D!

Who's been in our classroom?!

Today, we walked into our classroom and it was left in a real mess!

We found an magnifying glass amongst the mess along with the story Dogger. When we read the start of the story, we knew that someone had been in our classroom to try and find something they had lost. Lots of us thought it was Dave from the story as he had lost his favourite toy called Dogger. We have enjoyed exploring the story throughout the week in our English lessons.

In Maths, we looked at sorting objects into groups. We used a variety of random objects to sort and we explored how these could be grouped in different ways - this was by size, colour and shape. We even had a go at sorting members of our class into groups, we did this by hair colour, gender and height!

We are artists!


This week, we have been artists - amazing ones at that! We have looked at some key artists including Henri Matisse and Paul Klee and explored the techniques they use in their work. We have used a range of medias in our art work and investigated how to create different variations and styles to create some fantastic pieces. We had a go at creating work like our key artists and also used our new skills to draw some of the toys we have been looking at in history. 


After reading our class story, we have been retelling the story using actions and our memory skills. We have loved getting to know the story and characters well and discussing feelings of the characters.


We have began to use adjectives to describe the characters and used this in our fantastic writing.


We have been exploring different materials and their properties in our science learning this week. We have identified what materials different items are made from. We have been able to use adjectives to describe the materials such as rough, bumpy, hard and soft. 


We went on a material hunt around school and found lots of different materials around our school! We investigated that brick was made from clay and sand which we have in school! We put our knowledge to the test and made our own bricks which were brilliant and a lot of fun!


We have been exploring materials in Science and this week, we have been testing whether they are waterproof or not. 

We have looked at key scientific vocabulary to discuss this and evaluate our experiments from the results we got. We found that the best and most waterproof material was plastic, which helps us when we go on to build a house for a toy - we don't want them getting wet!


In PE, we have been working co-operatively as a team, listening to others and taking turns.

We have enjoyed developing our team building skills which can also help us in the classroom and other lessons as well as PE.  

1 more than, 1 less than...

In Maths this week, we have been exploring 1 more than and 1 less than a given number. 

We have used many of the maths resources to support our learning and have enjoyed implementing our growing knowledge of 1 more and 1 less into our learning. 

We have used number lines to show 1 more than and 1 less than, as well as writing sentences to explain our maths problem. We remember that when we find 1 more than, the numbers get bigger and when we find 1 less than, the numbers get smaller!

Free-standing structures

In DT this week, we explore a range of building materials to create free-standing structures. We learnt that this means a structure can stand up on its own. We considered what factors made the materials good for building and how we can make our structures strong.

We are authors!

We have been writing our Dogger stories this week using our story maps to help remind us of the key events and sequence of the story. We loved being authors and writing our fantastic stories.

Greater than, less than, equal to

This week we have explored some new key phrases in our maths learning, these are: greater than, less than and equal to. We have been able to use some of our more than and less than knowledge to help us with this aspect of maths. We know that if we use greater than, this means bigger. If we use less than, it means smaller than and equal to means the same as. We have enjoyed using a variety of objects and number representations to compare numbers.


Our classroom was left with footprints and three different types of materials; brick, straw and sticks. We explored the footprints and we discovered that they were pig footprints! This was so exciting as many of us had some idea who may have been in our classroom… it was the Three Little Pigs! This was the perfect opportunity to read the story together then retell the story using our writing skills and to again, become wonderful authors like when we wrote our Dogger story!

We are builders!

We have finally used ALL of our knowledge of materials and free-standing structures to build our own structures – a house for a toy! We had to make sure we planned this first against the design criteria and then we were able to use our plans and criteria to help us in building our structures. They were fantastic! We ensured they had 4 sides, an entrances and exit, a roof and it had to be waterproof. Once they were built, we investigated whether our structures were waterproof or not – we really didn’t want the toy to get wet in its new home!


We have loved our RE learning this week. We have been exploring parables. We know that a parable is a story told by Jesus with a hidden meaning. We have learned about The Lost Son parable. The key message from this parable is that God is like the Dad in the story, forgiving and loves people for the good. We enjoyed sequencing the story and sharing ideas of how we love and forgive others.