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Term 1

If there is so much food; why do people still starve?




Overarching question:

"If there is so much food, why do people still starve?" 


This term we will be exploring the theme of `Thankfulness`. This theme will focus on the Harvest festival and how other religions celebrate the gathering of food and crops around the world. We will explore in great detail why it is important to show gratitude and be thankful for all the wonderful food that we are blessed with each year. However, the children will also discuss how some people are less fortunate and talk about how we can support them. This year, year 2 will be working with the local food bank and we look forward to creating food boxes for the charity. 
Our overarching question, which can be see above, will be threaded throughout each of the subjects. By the end of the term, the children will have a good understanding of this theme and will be able to answer the question confidently. Please spend time with your child at home, debating the many possible answers. 


PSHE will be a big focus for the children as it is important that the children feel settled during their transition into year 2. We will discuss how it is important to build relationships with our families and friends and identify a range of emotions, including how to manage them effectively. 


In Science this term, the children will continue to build upon their knowledge of plants and will explore how they can grow healthily. This will include looking into how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow. We will also briefly discuss the changes in the seasons and how Autumn is the time when crops are harvested ready for the Winter months. 


Over the term, the children will take part in PE lessons every Monday and Tuesday. It is important that the children have their kits in school each week and their lessons will take place inside and outside.  The area of focus will include Fitness and Team building. 


Throughout the term, photos of our learning will be added to our web page and we can't wait to show you what we have been up to. Below are some books linked to our theme which you can use to support your child with their learning further. 







Our Class Novel 


This term the children will have the opportunity to vote for their choice of class novel. Below are the two stories and their blurbs. Please read the blurbs below with your child and discuss which story they will choose and why. 


As a class, we will share the class blurbs, read book reviews and discuss the plots of each of the stories. After our discussion, the children will be able to vote throughout the first week using the interactive display. I wonder which book the children will choose to enjoy as a class. 




"We grow dragons. And I can tell you this- they're a lot more trouble than cucumbers. 


Poo in your dad's porridge? 

Chase your cat? 

Set light to your toothbrush? 


But I can tell you something else. Their bright, diamond eyes twinkle up at you. Their warm breath tickles your ear. And you'd better keep them a secret, because who wouldn't want their own dragon?" 



"Paddington Bear had travelled all the way from Darkest Peru when the Brown family first met him on Paddington station. Since then, their lives have never been quite the same...for ordinary things become quite extraordinary when a bear called Paddington is involved." 


Have a look at our Reading for Pleasure page to find out which novel the children chose. 

Clay Leaf Bowls 


What a fantastic start to the term! We have been learning all about sculptures and understanding that different medias can be used to create them. We have explored different sculptures, ranging from the very large to the very small. This term we will be creating our very own leaf bowl sculptures using clay. Today everyone had the opportunity to experiment with clay in preparation for making their leaf bowls. We explored the technique of scoring and adding slip to join the clay leaves together. In order to make the leaves look realistic, we also used natural objects to create the leaf markings.  



In our Science learning this week, the children were exploring the differences between bulbs and seeds. Everyone was able to compare the bulbs and seeds and identify key features. When we cut the seeds and bulbs in half, the children were surprised to see the food store inside but also was able to observe the different layers of a bulb. This activity is preparing the children to understand how bulbs and seeds are different but also begin to explore how different conditions can affect the growth of a plant. 

Church School Council Elections 


We started this week with our Church School Council elections! We have had many enthusiastic candidates and today they presented their speeches to the class to explain why they were the perfect person to represent Class Gratitude. All the children created their own posters at home and everyone is excited for Election Day tomorrow! 




Year 2's Leaf Bowls 


The children have finished their leaf bowls and we think they look fantastic. The children independently used their own templates to create their leaves and used scoring and slip to join the pieces together. After we painted the bowls, we then evaluated our products and discussed what we would change if we were to make them again. 


Handa's Suprise 


In our English learning, the children have been creating their own versions of the story Handa's Surprise. The children have enjoyed reading this story, especially creating their own bank of adjectives to describe different types of fruit. In order to describe the fruit, all the children took part in fruit tasting and some children even tasted fruit that they had never tried before. All the children enjoyed the crunchy, sour passionfruit and juicy, red watermelon. This week, everyone published their own version of the story and added a range of animals. We have had mandrills, bongos, warthogs and hyenas. Below are some of the children's exceptional stories and we can not wait to record our stories for Reception. 


The Day the Crayons Quit 


Next week in our Guided Reading Sessions, the children will be reading the story `The Day the Crayons Quit` by Drew Daywalt. Can you support your child in answering the questions below using the Predict Viper. 



Q) Look at the front cover above. What do you think this story will be about? 

Q) Who do you think the characters are in the story and why? 

Q) The title is called `The Day the Crayons Quit`? What do you think this means? 

Q) How do you think the crayons are feeling? Why do you think this? 



Geography and History 


In Geography this week, the children have been using maps and aerial photos to recognise features in the local area. The children identified how Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas of Boston show a large number of fields. They discussed how farmers from the county play a huge role in harvesting fruit and vegetables for the UK. This continued to support their findings in order to answer their over arching question. After the children made comparisons between the town of Boston and the city of London. 



In History, the children have continued to build upon their knowledge of timelines and exploring how people spent their time in the past. The children remembered that toys from the early 1900s were very different from the toys from today, as they were made from different materials. This term we explored toys that people used during the 1990s and the 1940s. The children recognised how technology has changed over time including radios, ovens and kettles. Everyone was fascinated to see how people used mangles to help dry their clothes compared to using washing machines and tumble dryers. The children will then link their knowledge of timelines and explore how the tradition of Harvest has changed over time. 


In Maths, the children have continued to explore place value and use practical equipment to solve number problems, by finding ten more and ten less of a number. The children will continue to practice learning their 2x tables and number bonds to 10,20 and 100. 




Harvest Collective Worship 

Next week the children will be leading the Harvest Collective Worship. We are very excited to be sharing all our wonderful learning with the whole school. The worship will be recorded and added to our video resource centre. Please can you continue to support your child with practicing their lines. A letter will be shared when the video is available on the website. Thank you for your ongoing support this term.