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Term 1 - Race to Space

What a way to finish the term! Year 5 certainly rose to the challenge set for their homework - to show their understanding of the solar system. So much effort has gone into these projects, well done to everyone involved! The children have had "Show and Tell" opportunities to tell everyone about making these, and many have talked about mums and dads, brothers and sisters, grannies and grandads all helping out, which is brilliant to hear! We are delighted that families are spending time together making and creating, and the results speak for themselves!



In Science, we have been working to understand how scientific ideas change gradually over time, with scientists building on the knowledge and understanding of earlier work. We explored the change from a geocentric view of the earth to the heliocentric one we are familiar with today. In small groups we investigated the different minds at work over the centuries leading up to our time and then recorded videos of key figures such as Tusi, Galileo and Keplar as well as Newton, explaining their beliefs.


We have been practising our 5 times tables - in French! This has helped us answer the question "Quelle heure est-il?" as we are now able to tell the time to the hour and 5 minute intervals past.


Here we are finishing our masterpieces in the style of Peter Thorpe! We designed and painted rockets and additional details onto the backgrounds prepared last week. We are all very proud of the final results.


Year 5 approached our practical maths investigation with great enthusiasm. Problem solving skills and systematic thinking were required - and a lot of resilience, as this task was trickier than they had first thought! Most managed to find solutions independently, they then shared their workings with others who needed support.



Wow - what a trip! So much awe and wonder in one day! Year 5 were fascinated by the range of information and exhibits at Leicester Space Centre, as well as the amazing interactive opportunities. Everyone had a wonderful day and learned so many incredible facts about space, the moon and planets - we're all fired up to investigate the solar system in the classroom now...




Year 5 have had a flying start to the year, already we have learned all about the Space Race and evaluated evidence concerning claims that the moon landings had been faked. We located different pieces of evidence on the playground, then collated all the information. After a lot of discussion about conspiracy theories we decided the scientific evidence was irrefutable, people really did walk on the moon 50 years ago.



In French, we have revised and extended our understanding of common objects found in the classroom - this group were the first to correctly match the french vocabulary card with all the items! We developed questions using this vocabulary - O­ù est la gomme?


In P.E. we began our dance unit of work with robot moves! The children developed their control and timing skills by creating robotic moves, then arranging these into a sequence which included either mirroring their partner or synchronising their movements.



Peter Thorpe is the artist from whom we are taking inspiration this term. His use of bright, bold colours in abstract space paintings have engaged the children's interest and they were tasked this week with creating a background in this style.