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Term 1

How can I make the world a better place?


This term we will be focusing on the theme of Autumn alongside finding out more information about the qualities which make each and every one of us special.

The children will be beginning our Read Write Inc programme of phonics, where they will begin to learn individual sounds and then explore the sounds in a range of different activities both inside and outside the classroom. The children will begin the term exploring numbers in Maths through rhymes and songs before moving onto naming different 2D shapes.

We will be learning about the wonderful and exciting changes which occur in the season of Autumn along with the animals and weather which is associated with it. We will also be looking at what makes each child special, beginning with looking at their 'All about me boxes' this will give us the opportunity to hear and see the parts of your child's life which is important to them.

We will be painting self portraits before moving on to exploring sculpture and the fabulous world of clay.

It is going to be an exciting first term celebrating your child's first step in their school journey.


We have been very busy this week. We have started our Phonic sounds and then been doing Phonics activities both inside and outside, we especially enjoyed writing the sounds on the playground with the chalks. We have also been spending a lot of time in our outdoor environment and looking at ways to use our construction materials in different ways such as building bridges or walkways and then testing them to see if they are secure. We have also been exploring some of the nursery rhymes, our favourite was 'Hey diddle diddle' which we re-enacted with some toy animals.

We also took some time to think about all the things which make us special, this involved us taking a walk to the Reflective Garden and exploring using our senses, we heard the leaves rustling in the breeze and could see the sun shine reflecting in many of the surfaces- we particularly liked the mirrored ball. Class Love have had another great week!

We are noticing the change in the weather, we are needing out welly boots and coats on more often. We went on an Autumn walk around our school and we noticed that the leaves were being blown off the trees and they were no longer green, they had changed to yellows, browns and reds, we were so excited about the changes which we were seeing that we collected some of the leaves and sticks etc we were finding to create our own Autumn artwork. We have been looking at the British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. We were inspired by our collections of natural objects so we used some frames and created our own.

We have looked at the story 'Little Acorns' this was a wonderful story featuring all of the fantastic changes which occur during different seasons. The children sequenced the story and we looked at what happened at the beginning, the middle and the end.

In Maths we have been focusing on numbers and counting amounts, we have been throwing bean bags in buckets, going on number hunts, ordering numbers and putting differing amounts of conkers into numbered pots. We have been focusing on numbers 1-10, we are trying hard to remember to count each object slowly and carefully.

We are working hard on getting ourselves changed in PE, we are doing really well with this but need to keep practicing at home too! The children are learning about the structure of a PE lesson (warm up, main activity and cooldown) this week we placed our hand on our chest after the warm up to feel our heart pumping hard and we were breathing quicker. Its been a busy few weeks in Class Love.