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Term 1 - Autumn - A Toy's Story

Week 1


Our first term in year 1 has got off to a busy start.



Year 1 have started our first topic by building our knowledge of different materials and their properties. We have sorted objects based on their materials and we have experimented with what can be done with materials such as paper, fabric, metal and plastic.

Week 2


This week our Maths lessons have moved on to numbers - we have been developing our knowledge of our numbers can be represented in different ways. We can now show a number as a digit, as a word, in objects and with a picture.


In P.E. the children have enjoyed getting the apparatus out as we move and balance using our bodies in different ways.


Year 1 had an exciting end to the week as they brought in their favourite toy from home to share with the rest of the class.


Week 3


We continue to work with numbers within 10 but we are being challenged with problems to solve as we continue to develop our reasoning skills verbally.



Mr Adcock set us the challenge to uncover and explain the mystery cases he found abandoned in the school's reflective garden.

Week 4


1T have loved rapping their way through 1 more and 1 less this week. We have been using number tracks to apply our knowledge of counting forwards and backwards to understand that for 1 more we go to the right (count up) and for 1 less we go to the left (count down).

Here are our favourite 1 more/1 less raps to practise at home:

The 1 more song...


The 1 less song...



Meanwhile, we had a surprise waiting for us in the classroom this week...

Week 5


We have been working in teams to sequence and retell events in our parable.


Look at all these shapes we have learnt to make using different parts of our bodies...


Story time this week has been all about unicorns! We have read a range of different stories which we have had a lot of fun collecting vocabulary from. As well as capturing our imaginations we have been able to 'magpie' some wonderful words which we have tried to use ourselves! Baking our very own rainbow cupcakes was an exciting way to end our week and inspired some incredible writing as we produced cupcake recipes for our Big Write.

Week 6


We really enjoyed experimenting with line and colour to create the fish for our Year 1 display. Coming soon to a display board near you...


Year 1 have been developing their movements and balances by building on our prior learning.


The children chose dinosaurs as our theme for story time this week. On Monday Harry's bucketful of dinosaurs arrived and we discovered they are very cheeky little dinosaurs as they got up to all sorts of mischief in our classroom this week. They certainly gave us lots of ideas for this week's Big Write when we wrote a recount of all that has happened. Meanwhile we enjoyed making our own fossil footprints as part of our Fun Friday.

Week 7


We hope all the classes enjoy receiving our letters. We look forward to getting a reply!


Toy making is underway!


What a fabulous way to end our first term in year1! We had so much fun exploring and playing with the Victorian toys. The children did a superb job of applying their scientific knowledge of materials and their historic knowledge of toys to understand the difference between these toys and the ones we have at home.

Mrs Tewnion was a very proud teacher as the children showed beautiful manners towards our vsitor, respect for the interesting toys (despite being very excited!) and fellowship as they shared with each other.