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Term 4

Overarching question for this term:

'Can anything good come from a disaster?'

Curriculum overview for Term 4

Geography: Natural Disasters

Our learning this term focuses on the potential destruction that Mother Nature can cause. After retrieving our knowledge from Year 5 (where we learnt about volcanoes), and retrieving our knowledge from Term One’s Geography learning about Mountains – here we are, furthering our knowledge. By understanding the structure of the Earth and how the movement of tectonic plates causes earthquakes and tsunamis. We will also be looking at economics relating to trade links, settlements and land use.

PSHE and Science: Making Healthy Choices

Building upon our knowledge of how we can manage our mental health, we are now considering our physical health. Exercise, sleep and diet are key to being physically healthy; we know this already. We will now be advancing our understanding of physical health as we discuss how drugs can be helpful and harmful.

RE: Understanding Christianity – Digging Deeper

Continuing on from last term, we are digging deeper into the question: ‘Science and religion – conflicting or complementary?’ Many Scientists have become Christians following their study. The discoveries of Science make Christians wonder even more about the power and majesty of the creator.  

Art: Sir Antony Gormley

This term’s art learning is in preparation of our big make next term – we are exploring Antony Gormley’s sculpture and how he represents the human form. We are looking at how art can impact the environment it is placed in and how the scale is suited to the impact it can create.

Design Technology: Textiles – Make Do and Mend (practical)

Here we creating our amazing pencil cases. We have followed a design brief – to do this, we have explored existing products and even created paper prototypes before we even began cutting the material!


As we have listened and appraised music that had been written following significant historical events, we have then moved onto composing our own pertinent lyrics relating to Covid-19. We have used the correct musical terms in Italian to describe the tempo and the dynamics that would suit the mood of the piece.  

English – The Jabberwocky

Using the famous nonsense poem, The Jabberwocky (By Lewis Caroll), we are creating explanation texts for the boy to be able to go through the Tulgey wood to slay the manxome foe…



Back to school in week 3 – retrieval and mastery! In our first week back as a unified class, we are spending time in Maths to master the skills that we have been developing during lock-down…