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Term 4

Overarching question for this term:

'Can one person make a difference?'

This term the children will be focusing on significant individuals who have made an impact on society today. This will include learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and identifying the reasons why they were able to make a difference to hospitals and medicine during the 19th century. We will also explore the different challenges they faced and how it was different for each individual. If you would like to find out more information about this theme, then please take a look at our knowledge organisers. There is also a list of books that may interest your child below. 



In our Maths learning, we will develop our knowledge on 2D and 3D shapes and their properties and in English we will continue to `write to entertain` using the superhero text `Traction Man`. We are looking forward to seeing what adventures your superhero will face. 


In Science, our unit focus continues to be `Animals and their habitats,` where we will  identify living things but also items that are classed as `dead` or never alive. This will also develop the children's understanding of animals and the different classifications. 


Homework will continue to be set weekly which will include Maths Assignments set on our new resource `Maths Shed`. All login details have been shared but if you are still unable to access your account. Please contact a member of the year 2 team. 



PE- Every Monday and Wednesday. 

Please ensure all children have he suitable PE kit for both indoors and outdoors. All long hair must be tied back and earrings should be removed. 

Week 3 

What a fantastic first week for all the children! We have spent the week reconnecting as a school family and the children have enjoyed taking part in a range of activities. They have settled back into school brilliantly and we are all so very proud of them. Below you can see some of the learning that the children have been involved with. We have been learning together, praying together and playing together. 



In our PE lessons this term, the children have been focusing on ball skills. This has involved using different methods to transport balls around the room, including rolling, throwing and passing to each other. As part of our reconnecting activities, the children played a range of team building games where they had to use the sporting values team work and communication. Another game that we played was bowling, where they had to show control when rolling the ball to a particular target. 



Our theme this term is `Who do you think you are?` The focus for this is learning about significant individuals who made a difference to the world and others. As we have been learning about the past and the nurse Florence Nightingale, we have observed the differences in how children had fun during the 1820s. Today the children explored a range of toys from the past and discussed how they were different to toys from today and the 90s. The children could articulate how the materials of the toys were different due to plastic not being available. The children took part in a range of games and found the session enjoyable. 









We hope all the special people out there loved their Mother's day cards. The children have been very busy creating their cards in the style of the French artist Monet. They all had to use water colours to create a colour wash for the background and then use their cutting skills to create different lily pads and lilies. We think they look amazing! Well done Class Gratitude!


Our Maths focus this week has been 3D shapes and their properties. We have identified the number of edges, vertices and faces as well as created different patterns and sorted them using a range of sorting rules. 




Week 5 




In Music this week, the children worked collaboratively to create their own music using tuned percussion instruments. They explored pitch and dynamics and even recorded their own notation using coloured symbols. 





In Science, the children have continued to explore animals and their habitats. This week, the children identified different micro-habitats and the creatures that live there. Then they matched a range of animals from different environments and explained why they could survive there. 





Guided Reading 


In Guided Reading the children have been reading the story The Tempest. The children have really enjoyed explored this Shakespeare Text and have shown a great understanding of the story using their VIPERS. Below you can see everyone role play different parts of the story and explaining how each character felt and why.