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Summer 2

What creates a community?



Our final term will be busy for the children, lots of exciting events and activities will be taking place  We are continuing our Roman unit however we will be expanding it further by focusing on Volcanoes in Geography.  Within Geography and Guided Reading the children will also learn about the volcanic eruption that destroyed Pompeii.


In Maths the children will begin the term by exploring angles and types of lines.  In RE, children will be applying their 'deep thinking' skills by trying to understand and explain what it means to 'live a good-life'.  Within PE children will be exploring Dodgeball and Cricket developing their ball skills and co-ordination.  To complete the year, children in PSHE will be exploring the unit of 'living in the wider world' and a focus on money and jobs.

Week 3

Our Art Trip

The children had a great time creating a clay coil pot, we watched the artists show us step by step how to make the coils, use score and slip as well as techniques to create patterns.

Week 2

This week the children completed their Poetry Slam performance.  The finalists presented our Boudica Poem.  They had props to support them getting into role.  Our amazing children did so well, that they were the winners in Key Stage Two.


Children have started to understand Volcanoes, we have learnt the key parts of them and understood how they erupt and completed our chemical experiment to understand signs of a reaction.  

Week 1

The children have impressed me with their attitude to learning this week.  We have been extremely busy and the retrieval and connections made within subjects has been immense.  Children loved the Volcanoes lesson especially learning what skills a 'volcanologist' would require.  The children used a world map to locate active volcanoes.  They mastered using horizontal and vertical understanding how the plates moved, which build upon their maths learning of lines.


As well as lines, Year 3 have learnt how to recognise and identify right angles and begin to distinguish between acute and obtuse angles.


In Science, children investigated how light travels and how light is needed to ensure we can see.  This week was our 'poetry Slam' whole school week, the children amazed with their passion when performing Boudicas poem. 


What a week!  Well done.