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St Thomas' CE Primary Academy

Summer 1

Can a wrong always be put right?


This term our theme is 'The Empire Strikes Back!'  The focus of this theme is to learn about The Romans.  Children will develop an understanding of this Historic period of time and how the Romans have impacted our lives today.


In Science, children will build upon their Key Stage One knowledge of plants and learn how plants reproduce and will understand how water transport water.


In RE, we will be understanding how religions celebrate special times and how these are similar and different.


Within PSHE, we will begin to learn about our community and our role in the wider world and how rules are in place to keep us safe.


We will also be exploring clay, athletics, researching and creating power points and playing the Ukeule.


Our novel this term will be 'Sheep Pig' take a look at our Reading Star to see information about this book.


We are so excited to get back together so we can learn, laugh and enjoy the summer weather.

Week 4

The children completed their 3,000 steps to support Christian Aid.  We even went a STEP further by completing the mile run which we smiled as we ran.  As part of Mental Health Week the children took part in numerous activities including meditation, natural art and self reflection.

Week 3


The children this week have shown resilience to solve fractions and compare them.  Trying hard to understand that when the fraction is a unit fraction and the larger the denominator the small the fraction.  It has been tricky but they have shown determination.


In English, we have started drafting our narratives trying to apply word classes and engage the audience.  Many of us have shown we have improved our handwriting and writing with greater stamina - well done Year 3!


In Re this week the children were retrieving their prior learning of other religions and how they all have special celebrations.


Through our determination to improve our fitness the children completed stretches that pushed our muscles a little further and develop stamina and breathing strategies to complete the mile run with pace. 


Week 3

Week 2


The children have progressed from sprinting in laps to applying sprinting to relay races and worked hard on their communication and positioning skills in order to pass the baton correctly. 


In PSHE the children have explored rules and laws and why these are significant and essential in order for a community to work together.


Through English, the children have explored roleplaying by creating their own versions of the Dum Spiro video clip, we have used substitutions to try and add humour.  We have also made lolly stick puppets to help develop conversation within our entertaining stories.


In Maths we have continued to develop our understanding of fractions this time focussing on fractions of amounts.


We had great fun guessing what was 'In The Box!' for a piece of creative narrative and the buzz and atmosphere amongst the children was fabulous. 



Week 1

The children have had a great first week back and enjoying being outside.  We have developed our sprinting skills by working on our posture and using our arms to help accelerate us.  In Computing, the children have learnt the importance of word order when searching on the internet and in Maths we have continued to explore fractions, this week looking at a tenth.