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Spring One

RE - retrieving the symbolism of water

The children listened to looked at an image of water. They then discussed what the water meant to them and then discussed what it meant to others including Christians. After mind-mapping all the words, the children chose the most important ones to them and wrote them on the playground. Using their water, they then witnessed how they can be washed away. They understood that this was like washing away sins to Christians. 






Guided Reading

What an exciting start to Guided Reading. The children have used the strategy of VIPERS to predict, explore the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary, retrieve from the chapter and explain phrases in a little more depth.


Speeches Week

The children worked with a partner to use openers and complete their sentences. Using some sentence openers that were prepared or generating their own, the children researched facts and statements and placed them together.  They were very passionate about the topic and were shocked every time they created a sentence.




Speeches Week

The children had time to look at their notes and then rehearse. They were very excited about this and then performed in front of the class. We all encouraged each other and spoke about their skills of tone, clarity and general information in the speech.




Speech 1

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Speech 2

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PE - Gymnastics

After discussing and exploring the term ‘points and patches’ being small and large body parts, the children quickly began using the apparatus and the on the signal created the positions. They also linked the word ‘poised’ to balancing from Guided Reading. They all quickly realised that some positions were stronger than others.


Computing - understand what an algorithm is

The children recapped what an algorithm was from KS1 and shared that it was a sequence of instructions or a set of rules that are followed to complete a task.  We discussed how they can be written as clear step-by-step points or as a flow diagram. After that they looked at the Scratch programme to begin using codes to make Sprite move.






The children were able to show when to double or halve the numbers to calculate the answers. They looked at the calculations and then recorded what the answers were before articulating how they knew.




Art - Comparing paintings

Whilst comparing the paintings of the artists Paul Cezanne and Charlie Macksey, the children have explored trying to recreate the colours and learn about how the artist has used the space. They spoke about the size of objects and how clear they were too.







Maths - dividing two digit numbers through partitioning

During today's lesson, the children focussed on how to partition the two-digit numbers whilst using the tens and ones counters. They looked at the calculation and were able to recognise how many groups would be needed.



Science - Light

To investigate light travelling in straight lines, the children lined up pieces of card with holes in and shone a torch through. They were amazed at this. Great discussion was had about light sources too.