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Skegness Aquarium

Year 1 had a wonderful day on our class trip. We had the opportunity to do some fantastic activities and we all learnt something new!


We started the day by watching feeding time at the main tank. Here we had the chance to ask the diver some questions. Then our guide took us on a tour of the aquarium where we got to see lots of different sea creatures and learn about their diets and some fun facts too! Did you know a jellyfish has no brain or heart but it does have 4 stomachs!


After lunch we did a workshop about the different water habitats around the world and the sort of animals that live in each. We worked in teams to have build our own water habitats and then we designed our own fish which came to life in the animated tank.



A big thank you to the adults who came with us, supported the children and helped us to make the trip possible.