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Term 2

Welcome Back! Hope you have all had a lovely half term! We are looking forward to Term 2 and are so excited about all the incredible learning that we have planned. We continue with our theme of 'Thankfulness' and throughout our journey we will be thinking about the question 'Should we be thankful for everything we have?' Please could you discuss this question with your child at home. You will find our curriculum overview below so that you can see what we will be getting up to in each subject. Don't forget to also look on Twitter for regular updates.

Curriculum overview Term 2


The children have had a fantastic first yoga lesson. We practised the perfect sitting pose, the sun salutation poses and how to breathe corrects to aid relaxation and focus.



In maths this week we have been looking at adding two digit numbers. The children have used practical equipment to partition the numbers into tens and ones on a place value grid before adding the ones and tens together. This is in preparation for the children to add two digit numbers using the column method.

Cooking Utensils!

In design technology the children have been learning how to use different cooking utensils. They have practised grating, peeling, chopping and juicing fruit and vegetables. This is in preparation for making their own healthy soup.


This week in yoga, the children found out how to balance using different parts of the body and the importance of breathing while they balance. The children were also taught the boat, bridge and bird yoga poses.


In art this week, the children have been printing! The unit started with the children making observational drawings of pumpkins. They then designed their print and used pencil to create a block print on to styrofoam. The children used their block print to create repeating, rotating and half drop patterns. The children will apply all the skills they have learnt to make their Christmas card!

Children In Need!

On Friday the children dressed up in spots for Children in Need. They have been completing activities throughout the week around this years theme of 'Five to Thrive!' and also taking part in acts of kindness for World Kindness Day. All of the children worked very hard to complete their mile run this week to raise money for the charity and to beat their time from last term. Well done!


In maths this week, the children have been learning how to subtract two digit numbers. The children started off by using practical equipment to practise taking away the ones and then the ones. The children then used on to using pictorial methods.

Anti-bullying Week!


We started anti-bullying week off with the children wearing odd socks. Throughout the week the children took part in activities to learn what to do if they are being bullied or if they see someone else being bullied. As a class, we talked about how we can work in 'unity' to stop bullying.