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Remote Learning

Welcome to our remote learning page.  Thank you for supporting your child at home whilst they cannot be at school.  Each week there  will be an update which will provide examples of the work we would be using in class.


Please feel free to use the email below to contact me with any questions or concerns with the work and I would love to see any examples (documents/photos) of the your child's work so I can give some direct feedback.



In Maths next week we are looking at length and height, we are measuring everyday objects and ordering if something is long or short. We are then cutting out ladders and ordering them from the tallest to the shortest.
In Literacy we are looking at 'Vets' we are exploring the job role of a vet and how they help our animals. We are then creating a vet card, we are picking a pet, writing the illness and then writing down the treatment for the animal

Understanding The World