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Reading for Pleasure

We have had some fantastic outfits for World Book Day! Well done to everyone who came in costume, you all look amazing! It has been really lovely to see the children discuss and share their books and their favourite parts with each other. 

This week in guided reading we are looking at the 'Elves and the Shoemaker'. The children are really enjoying the text and understanding the motives of the different characters.

Thank you to those that joined us this morning in our reading cafe! The children had lots of different texts to read and had to select what they wanted for starter, main and  dessert based on their favourite texts!

Day 2- Today we retold the story of the Princess and the Pea using our text maps. We then listened to performances (you can listen to them here...https://vimeo.com/367497499https://vimeo.com/381022171 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BxQLITdOOc&safe=active ) of other stories and poems and retold ours again using some of our new found story telling techniques.



Day 1-Today we read the story of the Princess and the Pea and created text maps to help us retell the story.

This week is story telling week and year 4's book will be the Princess and the Pea! Keep and eye out for all the exciting things we'll be doing over the next few days!

We have now finished Voices in the Park! It has been an exceptionally fun book to read and explore and the children have loved it! We have delved into the imagination of different characters and spent time learning to retell parts of the story/the different voices. PLEASE get them to act it out and tell you all about it, they are fantastic story tellers!!

As Class Hope, we have chosen the parable of the sower as we feel this helps to demonstrate the power that hope has. Please watch the video and enjoy the story as the children learn to reflect on it in different ways over the coming year. 


This afternoon we spent some time doing our reading journals! The children loved it. They use words and images to summarise or explain what they have read or how it makes them feel, or anything that has captured their imagination!

Voices in the Park 

This will be our next big text in English, so keep visiting us to see what we have been up to!

This is a fantastic book written by Anthony Browne and we cant wait to delve into it with the children. If you wish to explore any more of his books, here are some of the titles: Willy the Wimp, Piggybook, The Tunnel (which is a personal favourite!), Little beauty, My Dad, Into the forest, Gorilla and so many more, so why not try one!?

The Good Samaritan 

Linked to our over-arching question this term 'who is your neighbor?' we have been exploring the story of the Good Samaritan. 


We have looked at key vocabulary, the structure of the text and the lessons it tires to teach us. The children have then been using this text to create their own stories. 


If you are interested in reading more parables, please follow the link here: https://ministry-to-children.com/childrens-bible-lessons-on-the-parables-of-jesus-9-part-series/



When asking the children questions about what they are reading we use VIPERS. 

These help us to delve into the different areas of reading and ensure that the children can ask and answer a variety of questions using different skills. For example, a set of questions might look like...

V- what does the word sprang mean?

I- how do you think the little boy feels? what makes you think that?

P-using what you know, what do you think might happen next? why?

E-why did she scream when she saw the ghost?

R- where were the giraffes roaming?

S-can you order these pictures in the order that they happened? or, can you summarise what was in paragraph 3?

Reading for pleasure is so important as it opens so many doors for our children! Across our school we aim to foster this love of reading and this page will be dedicated entirely to the books and stories we look at as a class. If you have any recommendations please let us know! 


Remember, reading is fun, it's like watching a movie in your head!