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Reading for Pleasure

Our Class Novel this term is Mr Popper's Penguins


The lovable Mr. Popper dreams of being an intrepid Antarctic explorer, living life among the penguins alongside his hero, Admiral Drake. So he is shocked one day when the admiral responds to his fan letter by sending him a real, live penguin! Soon, this penguin is joined by another and before long Mr. Popper has an ice-rink in the basement and a dozen delightful penguins living in his house. With barely enough money to feed his family and an increasing demand for raw fish and canned shrimp, what can the wonderfully imaginative Mr. Popper do but train his penguins and then take the show on the road!


Richard ATwater was bron in Chicago 1892 and his wife Flroence was born in 1896.  They wrote this book together.


Using the `Predict` Reading Viper, can you predict what the story might be about? 

Below are some questions that you could answer in preparation for starting our class novel. 



1) Look at the front cover, what do you think this story will be about? 

2) Who do you think Mr Popper is? 

3) Looking at the front cover, where do you think the story is set? Explain your answer. 

4) Linking to your learning of the polar regions, where do you think the penguins are from?

5) What type of text do you think this is? 


You might like to read some other books linked to Penguins to help you understand this text and to support our topic this term.  These are just a few to start with.



Are these fiction or non-ficiton?

What features tell you these are non-ficition?

What comes at the front of these books?

How can I find out what a word means?