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Reading for Pleasure

This term the children will be reading the story `Mr Popper's Penguins` by Florence and Richard Atwater. 



Using the `Predict` Reading Viper, can you predict what the story might be about? 

Below are some questions that you could answer in preparation for starting our class novel. 



1) Look at the front cover, what do you think this story will be about? 

2) Who do you think Mr Popper is? 

3) Looking at the front cover, where do you think the story is set? Explain your answer. 

4) Linking to your learning of the polar regions, where do you think the penguins are from?

5) What type of text do you think this is? 


Week 5: 


Now our class novel is well underway. Can you use the `Retrieve` Viper to answer the questions below? 


1) What is Mr Popper's job? 

2) Why does he not work during the winter months? 

3) What books does Mr Popper enjoy reading and why? 

4) Can you name the explorer who sends Mr Popper and his family a penguin? 

5) What does Mrs Popper think of the family pet? 

6) What does Mr Popper call his new penguin? 

7) What did the penguin eat in the story which he was not supposed to? 

8) What did Mr Popper use as pebbles to help make Captain Cook feel at home in the fridge? 


Below are some non-fiction books that you can read to find more information about the North and South Pole. Happy Reading Year 2.