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Reading for Pleasure

 Our reading for pleasure book this term is...




The Enormous Turnip!


An old man planted a turnip. The turnip grew and grew. It grew to be the enormous turnip. The old man started to pull the turnip out of the ground. He pulled and pulled, but couldn't pull it out! So he called over the old woman ...


A lovely story that we are supper excited to read and learn about. 


Can you use your VIPERS to answer these questions? 


How would you feel if you saw an enormous turnip? 

What will happen if they cannot pull the turnip out? 

Who comes to help?

What do they do with the enormous turnip? 






Our book last term was...



This is a lovely tale written and illustrated by Charlie Mackesy. 


Charlie Mackesy is an artist, cartoonist and book illustrator who has recently released his first book 'The boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse'. The story focuses on the journey of four characters and their unlikely friendship and it discusses the importance of love, kindness and compassion.



What do you want to be when you grow up? 


Why does the boy wish to be kind? 


Can you draw a picture of what the boy and the mole might do next? 


Can you use your VIPERS skills to answer the questions above?