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Reading for Pleasure

We have loved looking at

This is a story which walks you through the lifecycle of a caterpillar, this is the warm and charming story of a tiny caterpillar which wiggles through the days of the week eating a variety of foods, consequently he gets bigger and bigger and bigger until one day something amazing happens.

This story lends itself to understanding the days of the week alongside simple amounts.

As your reading the story ask your child different questions.

-What do you think he may eat next?

-How many fruits will he eat on Wednesday?

-What day comes next?

-If you could eat a list of any foods, what would you eat?


We have enjoyed exploring the book


This book is an alternative view on Mr Wolf, he comes across as a kind Wolf who is struggling and needs some help with things such as reading and counting. However, his neighbours (who we recognise from familiar tales) are extremly rude. Mr Wolf makes a list, buys his ingredients and makes his pancakes, but his rude neighbours make one last visit and Mr Wolf does what Mr Wolf does best, whoops.......

The children loved this story so much that we began to think about other stories which Mr Wolf features in. We had to hear more so we also listened to

The children have loved these stories, they feature lots of familiar characters and end with a twist. We are hoping to look out for other books written about Mr Wolf, the children wanted us to search so we looked and found one more.

If you find any more please let us know!

We have been reading

This is the funny tale of a group of aliens which live on a planet where they LOVE underpants, they even have statues of underpants.

Through this exciting story they visit Earth and show their delight at finding underpants everywhere, they use them to hide in, wear and even use a 'super whizzy slide'.


Talk to your children about..

Where abouts is the title?

What is an author?

What do you think the aliens like to eat?

Can you tell if it is fiction or non fiction? How?


Can you design your very own underpants or can you design some underpants for someone you love? Have a go and explore your creative side.









We are focussing on the text 'We're Going on A Bear Hunt.'

The story is all about a family going on a bear hunt, on each page the family arrive at a different challenge which they need to over come. At each challenge the family have repetitive phrases which draw the reader in along with a range of descriptive vocabulary which stimulates the mind to feel like you are actually there with the family going on the bear hunt with them.


The children have been retelling the story with actions adding amazing amounts of expression as they do so. Please watch the link below to watch and listen to Michael Rosen (author) reading the book himself.



The children have moved on to how they can create their own book chaning the settings and altering the vocabulary.

Which is you favourite descriptive word?

How do you think the water would feel as they move through the river?

What might the family do next?

Why does the author use the vocbulary 'stumble, trip' in the forest?

How might the bear have felt when he saw the family?