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Little Red Riding Hood


We have really enjoyed the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood. It is the story of a little girl who is told to visit her Grandmother in the woods, but when she arrives she gets an awful surprise. Who did Little Red Riding Hood meet? How did the Big Bad Wolf pretend to be Grandmother? What did Little Red Riding Hood do that was wrong? How else could the story end?



We have focused on the text

This is a charming story about the life cycle of an acorn. The children loved seeing the journey which the acorn went on, he travelled through the seasons and was fast forwarded 20 years to see the transformation complete.

The children loved the story and it led us to picking apart the different descriptive words you would use throughout the different seasons. The Vocabulary Viper is key throughout this text, the descriptions which is gave to Autumn leaves gave us a thirst to go and explore the feel and sound of the leaves for ourselves. 

Ask your child how the Autumn leaves felt under their feet? What sounds did they make?

Are there particular colours which feature more at specific times of the years?