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Reading for pleasure

Love of reading

The children of the Diversity class have been treated to Mrs Morris' book trolley, which has new additions regularly introduced. The children have already been spotted with a book in their hands and explaining what they enjoy about reading. Their recall of authors, who they have read before, was fantastic!




This brilliant book is our class novel this term. We have been learning about the main character George and how he meets his next door neighbours. These set of neighbours are scientists and are set to teach him everything he wants to know about the universe through their computer Cosmos!


The children were especially interested to find out that they were co written by Stephen Hawkings, who they learnt about in English. The book links beautifully to our theme of Space. Using VIPERS, why don't you investigate the following questions.

We will use the VIPERS to answer questions as we progress through the book.

V - Can you explain what the word 'rootle' means?

I - Why might George's father angrily mutter 'sausages'?

I -