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Term 1

Our overarching question

Does a path have to be straight and is it okay to be lost?

Mindfulness Area

Encouraging the children to use our Mindfulness area of the classroom, if they need some quiet time or to simple stop and think


Classroom Charter

As part of the introductions into the Diversity class, the class expressed their wishes on what they could do to help the class family work together and achieve well. I particularly liked the thought of recognising each others feelings.


Playtime Fun




In addition to our PE lessons, we have been using the Adventure Playground regularly. We have been climbing, balancing and sliding. The smiles are evident and it is brilliant to help improve our fitness.


DT prototypes in action

Part of our DT lesson was to use our designs to create a prototype. Using straws, we made the frame structure. At the end of the lesson, we recapped about 'triangulation' and understood the need for triangles to enhance the strength of the frame.








Saying Thank you

To say a huge thank you to our parents and carers for helping us over Lockdown, the children made a lovely thank you card each. The care and thought that went into this was just fantastic!







DT Taboo game

To rehearse using vocabulary linked to DT, the children played 'Taboo'. They were brilliant at avoiding saying the tool and described them confidently.




Football - dribbling with control


The children thought back to dribbling in Year 3 and were very quick to recognise that they didn't have much control. They explained that the ball would go in front of them too far rather than being close to their foot. Already the progress is clear.

Recapping Hinduism

As part of our RE, the children had to identify what should be placed on a Puja tray. They had to spot the odd one out and explain why it was incorrect. They certainly were quick to spot the wrong item. In the classroom, there is now a example of the Puja tray so the children can always be reminded of the items.


Value of numbers recap




The children worked hard to record the underlined digits when recapping the value of numbers.


Science TV Show

To explain how 'Day and Night' works the children created a TV programme for others to learn from. They demonstrated a secure understanding of the knowledge and were able to use their speaking and listening skills to present to the rest of the class.





Debating in History - Should animals be sent into space?


To embed the children's understanding of empathy, the children held a debate as to whether animals should be sent into space or not. They were very passionate in their responses and had clear reasons for and against.

Election Time in the Diversity Class

The children were keen to apply for the role of Church School Representative and delivered well prepared presentations. The children understood their strengths and put their message across in a very mature way. Mrs Morris was extremely impressed and felt all the children were fantastic candidates. 




Finished structures

After learning how to use the saws and bench hooks, the children created their own portable structures. They understood how to attach the pieces of wood and include an axis. They were very pleased with their finished product.







Fitness Levels

In PE, the children have been working on developing their fitness levels to help them feel emotionally and physically well. They have been learning how to complete Jumping Jacks, Squats, Planks and many more. They worked so hard and have all improved the number and length of time they can complete the moves in. What a fabulous start to the year!





French Town

In French, the children have learnt to identify and use the correct terms for buildings and directions. They progressed to designing their town and labelling the buildings in French. They look fantastic up on display.






Skill in English

When analysing autobiographies and biographies, the children noticed that the sentence structure was varied and their own writing wasn't. The children then explored what a complex sentence was and then identified them in a text, before creating their own. They understood the subordinating clause could be moved within the sentence.


Compelling evidence in History

As part of their History lesson, the children read and discussed sources of evidence to make a judgement about whether the moon landings were real or faked. There was a great amount of discussion and the children were fascinated with it all. They concluded the activity with their own paragraph of selecting the most compelling piece of evidence.



Science through Drama

To understand the theories of geocentric and heliocentric, the children took on the roles of the different people and groups to share with the rest of the class. We then discussed the ideas and formulated opinions about them.


Fitness Testing

At the beginning of the unit, the children recorded their times, distances and amounts, today they retested and amazed themselves with the amount of progress they had made. The comments and positivity from every single of one them was just incredible. We are very proud of all of you.


Poetry - cinquains

As part of  Poetry Week, the children explored autumn outside, describing the sounds, smells and sights before generating descriptive vocabulary on the zone of relevance. When the children had explored and understood the format of a cinquain, they then produced their own. They were beautiful and of a great standard.


Multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000

It was wonderful seeing the children build their confidence and using the grids to support the learning process. The children were using the correct vocabulary when explaining their method and understanding. Your speed was impressive at the end.




Perfect Projects

Year 5 staff have been blown away by the high standard of projects this year. The knowledge the children displayed when presenting the information to the class about their projects, was impressive and very engaging. Take a look for yourself!








Biography writing





The children have been learning about biographies in English. They have used the sequence of reading some, interviewing for speaking and listening, drafting and editing before publishing them. They were certainly an interesting read. Well done 5M.

Mighty Mile

The children have timed their first round of completing the mile as part of a school and local competition. It was great to see the children pushing themselves and still smiling by the end. One pupil commented, 'Although, I felt like I was going to collapse, I remembered  who we had been learning about - Stephen Hawking. If he could achieve everything he did, I could complete one mile.' As the teacher, I was very impressed and proud of the children's efforts.



Music Appreciation

During a session of listening and appreciation, the children listened carefully to Mozart's clarinet concerto piece to describe what they thought was happening. They were quick to hear that it almost seemed like someone was calling someone else and they were were responding. The drawings genuinely represented the piece of music. 


Editing images

In Computing, we have learnt how to access an image and then edit it, using a variety of tools. We realised that editing on photos can be completed to improve an image or make it look worse. The children spoke about how this is also done on social media and that's why it can be harmful. After learning about the pros and cons of editing, the children had fun doing it themselves.



Practical RE through Yoga

Part of the work completed in RE this term, was to explore how Hindus might achieve moksha through Yoga and meditation. They have learnt that in Hinduism, Hindus would like to achieve moksha, where they leave the world and do not return reincarnated. They found this fascinating and understood how both experiences were calming and peaceful so they could think about their God.