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Pole to Pole

Term 3- Pole to Pole 



Next term the children will be exploring the seven continents, with a big focus on the polar regions. This will include learning about famous polar explorers such as Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott and identifying the impact of their journeys to Antarctica. In Science we will be comparing the habitats of animals from the North and South Pole and other environments around the world. This will also give children the opportunity to explore animals and their young and the changes they go through as they grow. With the ever changing world, the children will also touch upon how climate change is becoming a growing concern and impacting the animals of the polar areas. In February, year 2 will be given the opportunity to take part in an exciting but cold class trip. More information will follow. 

Do not forget, homework projects are due in on Friday 10th January. We have already had some fantastic projects. Well done year 2! 




This term children will be spending time developing as a reader which then lead to informing them as writers.  The focus text will be Little Red Riding Hood and reading different versions of this.  The children will also be using Polar themed texts such as Shakeltons Journey to support their non core learning.



The children have spent lots of time becoming storytellers and using a familiar text to help build their knowledge of beginning, middle and end and have used word games and roleplaying to support them on their journey.

Geography has been our focus this week!  We have explored the continents, located the five oceans, understood how the two Poles are different as well as use enquiry to try and determine which pole is which by embedding our prior learning of physical features.


Children have made great progress using sketching and light and dark tones to create our penguins.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park


Year 2 had an incredible visit and got to learn lots of information about how animals can be wrongly treated in the world but equally how there are people going to extreme efforts to save these beautiful creatures.  We can't wait for our Polar Bear fundraising activities!

Year 2 you showed resilience, respect, compassion, patience and how you are developing as enquirers.

Week 6:


Thank you to all the parents and family members who attended our `Save the Polar Bears` charity event. The children have been so busy learning all about climate change and how this is affecting the homes for the polar bears in The Arctic. The children have discussed the different ways they can help reduce the amount of energy, such as turning lights off if they are not necessary and even reducing pollution by walking to school. 


Thanks to your generous donations, the children have raised an amazing £62. This means they will be able to adopt a polar bear and support the charity WWF with their amazing cause to help prevent climate change and keep polar bears safe in their habitat.  


Polar Project in action