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This week in our classroom we are reading the text 'Farmer Duck'. 

If you would like to help support your child in reading then please take a look at the websites below. They have some fantastic resources and games that your child can access to help develop their reading skills.










Christmas is nearly upon us!

Take a look at our amazing hoops. The children worked really hard to create the beautiful Angels. They have loved having their own Santa's Grotto within the classroom and this has provided the children with some lovely independent writing opportunities. 


Today the children had the lovely opportunity to watch a Christmas Pantomime. They all enjoyed this experience and their faces glowed with joy and happiness. This afternoon they learnt all about Christingles and made their own. 









Today the children were so excited in their learning. They came in from playtime to find out that someone had stolen Mrs Tiwari's favourite teddy bear and knocked over the table, creating a mess. To ensure the evidence wasn't destroyed police tape was placed around the crime scene. The children hunted for clues to try and work out who had committed the crime. They found an eaten jam sandwich, the smell of mints, many footprints, a carton of empty milk and the sound of howling wolves. The children then created a list of suspects!!!! Mrs Smith is one of the suspects.......... Wait and see who it is!










 Wow! We have had an amazing start to the week, the children have been learning about 2D shapes. They have been searching for them in coloured rice, making them out of pipe cleaners and finding them in the playground.

With it being bonfire night this week, we have been learning all about fireworks and having lots of fun creating our own firework pictures using chalks, paints and glitter. Look at our displays we have made! We even had our own firework party today, we made chocolate, sprinkled sparklers and ate them whilst watching a firework display on the interactive white board.     









Thank you to all of the parents who came to our open afternoon. It was lovely to see so many parents watching their children during learning time, the children were so excited to show their parents how to 'stop, drop and roll' in the event of a fire.






The children have been measuring this week, they have learnt about length, height, weight and capacity. They have really enjoyed mixing colours to paint their own flames. Today they had the opportunity to try on a real fireman's suit on!!! They all loved the helmet!


The children were so excited to see their new role play areas and reading area today. They had lots of fun in the fire engine pretending to call the fire brigade and put out fires. During their choosing time they made their own fire engines using different shapes.










We have an exciting term ahead of us! The children will be learning about 'Fire Safety' for the first two weeks along with all things 'Whiz, bang and sparkle'. Our main focus for the upcoming term will be based upon 'People who help us' focusing on 'Fire, Police, Nurse, Dentists and Vets' alongside our fantastic Nativity production which will also be taking shape this term. 

In our Maths learning we will be looking at shapes and measures, alongside practically adding and subtracting. Have a look at our role play area which has been transformed into a Fire Engine ready for the children to use their imagination and develop their speaking and listening skills.