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Our European Neighbors Term 3-4

Home work Project

In RE we have been very reflective this week. The children discovered that they really enjoyed mindfulness activities and meditating. We have have been incorporating this into our weekly timetable as often as we can/need to. Today we went to our 'still place' and listened to some music by Handel. 

In our Geography lesson this week we have been looking at Poland and surrounding countries. We have investigated human and physical features among other things!

As it is Shrove Tuesday we thought it would be rude not to make pancakes! Thank you to Mrs Smith for getting all of our ingredients and preparing our delicious treats! As we are now in the season of Lent it is important to reflect on the time ahead of us and the true meaning of Easter. At school we have created a kindness tree in which we will reflect on all the kind things we do for one another over the next six weeks. 

In Science this afternoon, we made an electrical circuit together. We looked at how circuits are made and the components that we use. We investigated different ways to make or break the circuit and found out that all wires need to be connected to the components in order for the electricity to flow through the circuit and turn on the lamp.


Thank you to those parents who came to share in our learning this afternoon! The children were able to demonstrate their learning of European countries through a range of different activities!  

This morning we had a representative from the Boston mosque come in to discuss the Islamic faith. This was particularly engaging for the children as it lined nicely with our current RE topic. 

Tuesday 11th February is Internet Safety Day. Please take the opportunity to discuss this with your children and ensure that they are using the internet safely and respectfully. In class we have been creating our own rules and safety mascots to promote being safe online.



Thank you to everyone who came to support our class assembly. The children were amazing and I could not be prouder! They overcame their fears and nerves discussing their Term 2 learning with you all and I know it meant a lot to see all of your smiling faces!

As part of Mental Health Week, we have explored what being brave is and how we can do it. We listened to the song 'This is me' from the Greatest Showman and wrote down all of the things we are really good at. We tired to make sure they were things people didn't already know so we could celebrate our successes. We also discussed what strategies we could use to help us be brave and support one another!

Don't forget to join us on Wednesday 5th at 9:50 for our class assembly! It would be amazing to see your smiling faces in the audience!

After publishing our letters we then performed them and they were AMAAZING! The children so were so enthusiastic and really got into character! Their performances of their letters really showed how attentive they were and what beautiful expression and intonation they read with. Well done Year 4 I really was blown away!

Today you listened to a piece of music by Debussy. You were given the context of the piece and had to design your own water colour image based on how it made you feel and what you imagined when you listened to it. 

This term we are exploring programming in ICT. We have been using Turtle Academy to guide our lessons as we explore how to code, edit any problems and fix them, allowing our turtle to draw lines, colors, shapes and patterns. 

Today we published some work and stuck it into our very own class 'published work' book. The children have been working very hard editing and improving their letters, as one of the characters from 'Voices in the Park', and have produced some great pieces-well done Year 4!

This afternoon we have been experimenting with water colours for an up coming art project. We decided we wanted to create a water colour wash background but weren't sure of the colour or style. We looked at different ways we could mix the colours and what affects we could create.  

This week our class names have been launched so 4W are now officially Class 'Hope'. We have chosen the parable of the sower as we feel this best teaches us about our virtue. 

This afternoon we looked at electricity and where it comes from. The children had a variety of different appliances and had to decide whether they were powered by mains electricity, battery powered or neither. They also had to explain why they had chosen to put each item in the category and had some very good answers, well done Year 4! 

Welcome back!


The next two terms will use Geography as our driver, as we explore Europe and the many countries and famous landmarks within it. The children will be looking at electricity in Science and DT, different composers across Europe in Music and art work by Georges Seurat to name just a few exciting things we'll be exploring over the next few weeks!


As usual, we are keen to read as much as we can this term too! Please encourage your child to read and make a record of this within their reading logs. We are still enjoying the many adventures of Flat Stanley at school and will soon be exploring 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne in our English lessons.