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Natural Disasters

A visit from Women's aid...


In our PSHE learning about relationships, we have developed our understanding of healthy and unhealthy relationships with the help of representatives from Women's aid. 

We understood that romantic relationships could be unhealthy and we identified financial, emotional and physical abuse. 


This session has allowed peace class to understand the importance of communication when we have concerns, how secrets can be destructive and how we can form healthy relationships in the future...

World Book Day



On World Book Day, Peace class battled with a Jabberwock. Using swords and shields from home, the children created a YouTube tutorial to inform their audience how to slay a Jabberwock...



RE connect

During our first RE connect session, Peace class have used physical theater and tableaux to consider how our own, personal identity. Using the analogy of a cake, our leader, Ben, guided the class to consider the different ingredients that make our values and identity. 



Tennis time... 


Year Six have been revisiting previously taught skills in tennis, developing their control to be able to maintain a rally. 


Week 1:
Survival guides and tornadoes!


To begin our topic, based around natural disasters, 6G have spent the week immersed in terrible twisters! Want to know how to survive one of these pesky (in the UK) or obliterating (in the USA) forces of nature? Read up on how to: be prepared; keep yourself safe during a tornado and how to ensure your safety after a twister has struck....




Here we are, preparing for our writing by making television broadcasts to share the safety tips and to enrich our ability to speak informally to the audience before following up with contrasting, formal language when speaking to inform.


Key differences between North America and the United Kingdom


"I know that the UK has more tornadoes than any other country in a world (when they are measured per square mile of land); however, they are not something that the people of Britain need to concern themselves with. In North America, on the other hand, tornadoes can range from being a nuisance to being a force of total destruction." LS










Shrove Tuesday: a time to reflect 


Digging deeper into the story of how Christ began his ministry, Peace class have created deep reflections on this period of Lent. A new addition to the classroom has also appeared this week: our Lentern tree. Adorning its branches are already many tags and notes to explain the thankfulness and sacrifices that class Peace have shared...