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Little Acorns

This week the chidren have started their learning based around the season `Autumn`. We started the week by reading the story `Little Acorns` and discussed what happens to the leaves and acorns during this time of year. All the children pretended to be an acorn on the tree and discussed the different vocabulary that was used in the story. They then used actions to represent how an acorn might fall from the tree and explored the life cycle. Some children then went onto create their own giant acorn sculpture using paper pulp. This was very messy and was enjoyed by the boys in the class. 


Outside the children have noticed the weather becoming colder, wetter and windier. This week, the children also created their own rainbows in the puddles using powder paint and sweeping brushes. They explored how the colours changed when mixed together. 

In Maths this week the children have been exploring shapes. We all went on a shape hunt at the start of the week and some children during their child intiated went on to searching for different 2D shapes in the sandpit Some children created their own ramps to investigate which 3D shapes roll and slide.