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Lest We Forget...

Rocking around the Christmas tree...



When partying, Year Six rocked around the Christmas tree in a partner dance contest. The routines were phenomenal but the photos are all rather dark and blurry!

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens


In our reading sessions, Year 6 have been reading the famous story of Ebeneezer Scrooge. We have now read the final chapter and using the PEE strategy, we have reflected on the themes, changes and impressions from the text. 


Some of us have edited answers, writing mark schemes of our own, while others have created answers for the questions around the classroom. 


A fantastic opportunity to show our knowledge and understanding of the text, characters and themes!


Bah! Humbug!






Exploring white light...


After reflecting and refracting light, we put the theory to the test! After reading about Sir Isaac Newton, we followed a text's instruction to create Newton's wheel; we proved that white light really is made up of a spectrum of seven colours! 6G used a protractor and a pair of compasses to accurately construct the circle split into seven parts.





After exploring communication within our PSHE lessons, 6G have explored how semaphore was used to communicate in the trenches.


Using the correct form of Etre

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In our French lessons, we have been using the correct form of etre when talking about celebrated people alive and dead.


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War Horse: Michael Morpurgo


This week, we have reflected on the importance of the comma in the English language. Mapping our learning journey from Year One, all the way to Year Six, we have reflected upon how commas are both an important and a versatile tool for us to apply within our writing.


Some of us in 6G have reflected upon how Michael Morporgo utilises commas and we shall be attempting to mirror his choices in sentence style as we embark upon the challenge of drawing upon our reading to inform our writing.  



A service of Remembrance


After preparing poetry, reflections and prayers, we led a service of Remembrance for Armistice day. Coming together with the key stage, singing songs of reflection and worship, we wanted our school family to think carefully about the freedoms we have because of their sacrifices. The veteran - who visited us for this service - spent time with us once we had laid our wreathes. The experiences he shared with us were moving and enabled us to think deeply about the act of remembrance. 



Welcoming our parents to our classroom...



On a Friday afternoon, we welcomed our parents into our learning environment. Together we considered why the act of remembrance has a significance for us today. During this time together, writing prayers and making poppies, we considered why it is the poppy - and not the lily - that is used as the well-recognised symbol of the Armistice. 



Exploring the WW1 boxes...


During the course of this week, we have launched our topic on The Great War. With sensory boxes, trinkets, letters, postcards and props, we explored how Boston was impacted by the declaration of the First World War....




Roy Lichtenstein


Building upon our knowledge of the 1950s genre of art - Pop Art - from our learning in Year 4, 6G have compared art from within the same style. 6G have now moved on to the application of Ben-Day dots to be able to create a self-portrait.