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Term 1

We will start the year with the thrilling topic of 'It's Alive!', where we will delve into the novel of 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley. Within Science we will explore electrical circuits and symbols, building upon their learning from Year 4. In our RE topic of 'Moral Dilemmas', we will use our learning to support our overarching question, 'Just because we can, does it mean we should?', investigating different religious viewpoints of cloning and de-extinction. Our focus in PSHE this term is Relationships and our focus in Art is 'Exploring Illustrations'. We look forward to seeing you all and engaging in our new learning. 

Exploring illustrations

We have begun to publish our final art pieced following the development of sketching the human form and mountainous landscapes.... take a look at our work so far ...


Letters to inform   

Here are some published copies of our letters to inform. We have thoroughly relished becoming a character from Frankenstein, understanding the text; performing thought tracking of Alphonse Frankenstein before we drafted, edited, revised and published our own letters. 



As part of our PE this term, we have been concentrating on our own personal fitness. Here we are, using our own body weight to build our strength, undertaking fitness workouts that have been planned and delivered by members of our own class. 





Science - Circuits and electricity Taboo 


When we reached the half-way point in our science learning, we played the vocabulary explanation game Taboo. Here we are with our cards that prompted us to describe the word to our partners using our scientific knowledge and understanding so far. 







During our first full week in Year Six, Peace class have delved head-first into the story of Frankenstein. Taking on the roll of Captain Robert Walton, we retrieved our knowledge of the writing to inform text type recounts and applied it to the blog posts - which we read - of the Captain's journey to the North Pole. Following this, we took on the role as Robert (disguised as Lego characters) for some high quality drama. This opportunity for speaking allowed us to rekindle our writing voices (as well as developing some awesome vocabulary too!). 


Here we are - in action- drafting our blogs following the talk for writing session as Captain Robert Walton when he meets Victor Frankenstein...

Tag Rugby


Week 1: This week, we have revisited and retrieved the fundamental skills of Tag Rugby. To move our learning forward, we developed the evasion technique of observing space to move through. In our series of evasion games, we all certainly had a good exercise session as well as developing a useful tactic for future games! 



Week 2: Following on from our evasion games last week, we developed our abilities to move into space - passing and catching with accuracy.

En Classe

Classroom items: During our first full week, Peace class have recalled, revisited and extended our knowledge of classroom instructions and the items we need to be successful learners in the classroom. We have played games, asked for and given descriptions as well as listened to some descriptions of the items that people have. Finally, we applied mastery of our understanding as we undertook some true or false activities as a reflection!

The recorder




Following music theory activities that focus on reading the duration of the notes, here we are in the outdoor classroom applying accurate tonguing while reading music. We have especially enjoyed the listening game, 'Don't play it back.'



Retrieving our knowledge of circuits from Year 4, we have begun a successful journey of building up our knowledge of circuits. here we are exploring the impact of voltage and the number of components in a circuit.