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It's getting chilly

We have started our new term with buckets of enthusiasm and the chldren have been excited to get back into their learning.


This week we started with tennis taster sessions, some of the children enjoyed these so much that the following day the children informed me that they had booked onto the tennis club, which is great to hear.


We have also had our homework project showcase, the effort and hard work which have gone into them is incredible. Welldone everyone and thankyou to all who came.

We continued our learning in literacy creating an even larger bank of vocabulary ready for our writing, in maths we looked at addition, the children loved addition that much that we created a challenge table, the children loved creating their own addition sentences and solving them. Welldone RS!


We also begun our Big Write sessions, this week we had to melt Ana's heart. The children created a potions with very creative ingredient- a splash of sunshine, a dash of spring and a couldren full of warm hugs. In PE this term we have begun to look at Ball Skills, we used our phonics this week as we had to sound out a word which each roll of the ball to a partner before blending the sounds together.