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Term 1

Our overarching question for this term is:


'Just because we can, does it mean we should?'

Collective Worship:What is resilience?

During Collective Worship today, we explored the core value of resilience. Together of a class, we read and discussed the story ‘ A time to Build’ on Page 80 of our Lion Storyteller Bibles.

We explored the different ways that Cyrus and the people of Jerusalem demonstrated resilience. Whilst discussing the story, we noticed how other virtues were woven through. For example: trust and forgiveness.


We ended our worship with a reflection.


Collective Worship: God's Wonderful World



During Collective Worship, we discussed what we love about our world and all of the amazing things God has created. We read the creation story and visited the Reflective Garden. We were inspired by the beautiful flowers around us and created a range of lovely sketches to demonstrate this.

English: Blogs



Within English, we have been exploring the classic novel of Frankenstein. We have had lots of fun recreating Captain Robert Walton's exploration to the North Pole, where he learns about the terrible tale of Victor Frankenstein's monster. We used our images to help us create our own blogs about the events that led up to the telling of the terrible tale. 

Maths: Ordering and Comparing numbers



Within Maths we have been focussing on ordering and comparing numbers to 1,000,000. With our partner, we first ordered and compared a range of whole numbers; before exploring decimal numbers. We were able to explain to both each other and Miss Clark, how to round a set of numbers.

Music: Recorders

Wow- what a fantastic music lesson! We have revisited the musical term 'Dynamics' and 'Duration'; exploring the crotchet and the quaver. On the recorder we have learnt and practiced the note B and played the song of Little Fly. 

RE: Moral Dilemmas



Moral Dilemmas: Is it acceptable to clone extinct or endangered animals?

We spoke about which animal we would clone and the reasons why, before producing Pop Art style examples.

Within class we have discussed the for and against arguments in relation to the above statement. We then wrote a balanced argument answering the key question. We have also  explored a range of religious arguments for the statement. 

Geography: Mountains and Maps



Our theme for Geography this term is 'Mountains and Maps'. Within the first lesson we explored what classifies as a mountain, before moving onto the mountainous areas of the UK in lesson 2. We learnt a new geographical term and its definition: Topography. We then used an atlas to locate a range of mountainous areas, such as: Brecon Beacons, Southern Uplands and the Cambrian Mountains. 


Collective Worship: Virtues



In our class reflective time we discussed the meaning of a virtue and how they link to our core values within school. We explored our class name of Humility and created a virtue reflection. 

Art: Sketching



AMAZING! I am so proud of Humility class this week. The attention to detail they have shown when producing our Frankenstein sketches. They have used a range of sketching pencils and a rubber to create shading and lighten areas of the portrait. 

Maths: Consolidation of Addition and Subtraction


We thoroughly enjoyed playing our Maths board game to consolidate our learning on addition and subtraction. We checked our answers using the inverse. 

Science: Planning and Conducting an experiment


Within Science, we planned and conducted an experiment to find out whether the thickness or the length of the wires determined the successfulness of the circuit. We discussed what we could change and what we could keep the same. Some children even experimented with knots: do they make a difference?

Science: Taboo



We had lots of fun in Science playing a game of Taboo, with the vocabulary we have learnt this term. At first we found it a little tricky to describe the word without using the key listed words. We soon got the hang of it, and it was a huge success. 

DT: Prototypes



PE: Fitness



We used our knowledge of Fitness from this term's learning, to create a workout for our partner. We demonstrated resilience and sportsmanship by encouraging our partner. Well done!